Kate Plus 8 Alum Hannah Gosselin Celebrates 18th Birthday In Style

 Kate Plus 8 Alum Hannah Gosselin Celebrates 18th Birthday In StyleKate Plus 8 followed on from the Jon and Kate edition that ended with a toxic divorce. Well, the fallout of that meant that the Gosselin sextuplets ended up split. Collin and Hannah went to live with their dad and Joel, Alexis, Leah, and Aaden stayed with their mom, Kate. This year, they all turned 18 but Jon made it extra special for Hannah.

Kate Plus 8 Cast Distanced From Each Other

Jon Gosselin fought for custody of his son Collin. Remember, his mom sent him away to an institution? Well, after a long struggle, Jon was able to take Collin home. There, he finally started to flourish and he loved his dad’s girlfriend like a mom. Unfortunately, that fell away and now he went very quiet on social media.

Nowadays, TLC fans don’t see any of the family on cable TV. Kate Plus 8 fans heard that Hannah also opted to live with her dad. Unfortunately, because of the toxic situation, the rest of her siblings, including the older twins, Cara and Mady don’t really spend time with her. So, on her 18th birthday, she missed being with her siblings. Still, her dad went the extra mile to make it a great day.

Kate Plus 8 Alum Hannah Rocks With Her Friends In Miami

Time passed fast and these days, Hannah Gosselin is already a business owner and an aspiring college grad. In fact, she will be attending college in Florida. Speaking with Page Six this week, she seemed very happy about celebrating her birthday in style in Miami.

 Kate Plus 8 Alum Hannah Gosselin Celebrates 18th Birthday In Style
Jon Gosselin / Instagram

The outlet reported that the Kate Plus 8 alum said, “How often do you get to travel with your four best friends to Miami, party at the Sugar Factory, ride in a Rolls-Royce and start a brand new line of amazing products?” However, her other siblings missed out on the party. At least she had her besties there and her dad also joined them.

18 Years Old And She Misses Her  Siblings

The Kate Plus 8 alum told the outlet that she really misses her siblings, and she credited her dad for making her day so special. Actually, it’s not clear where Collin celebrated his birthday, but the two young adults do seem to get along. One thing that TLC fans do know, is that it’s highly unlikely that he spent it with the rest of the sextuplets or his mom, Kate.

Can you believe that the six little kids all turned 18 this year? It feels like just a few weeks ago, that fans saw them learning to find their way in their crowded little world. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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