LPBW Star Matt Roloff Shouts Out His Favorite YouTube Channel

 LPBW Star Matt Roloff Shouts Out His Favorite YouTube ChannelMatt Roloff, the patriarch of Little People, Big World (LPBW) had plenty of followers on Instagram. Additionally, he has his own YouTube channel, where he shares his various DIY projects. Well, this week, he posted about his favorite Youtuber at the moment. Imagine if you ran a channel and got a shoutout from a famous reality TV star! Well, read on to find out what Matt likes about it.

Matt Roloff Combines Two Loves In One YouTube Fave

TLC fans know that Matt loves nothing more than creating things and undertaking new projects. Actually, because of his small size and skeletal problems, he likes using big boy toys to construct things.

If he can’t do that, then he gets very involved in planning and overseeing the work. TLC fans saw him make a castle for his daughter Molly, and recently he constructed a new garage barn.

Additionally, fans saw that Matt Roloff actually reconstructed a coal mine. It looks like the real deal, fans agree. When he revealed photos of it, fans were shocked to learn that he started working on it years ago. Also this week, he revealed that he actually constructed a castle for his daughter Molly.

So, it’s reasonable that the LPBW star likes a YouTube channel that involves construction and something else close to the heart of his family.

Matt Roloff Shares His Favorite Channel

Fans know that Jackson, his grandson wants to be a pilot one day. Plus, they know that his son Jeremy learns to fly. But did you know that Matt also enjoys planes? Preferably really big ones!

So, the channel he appreciates combines construction projects and planes. The link that he shared took fans to the channel run by Enes Yilmazer.

LPBW Star Matt Roloff Shouts Out His Favorite YouTube Channel
Matt Roloff / Instagram Stories

If you don’t know, Matt Roloff joins 2 Million other folks who follow Enes. He started off covering amazing homes in the LA area and then expanded to cover other areas in the USA. Later, he expanded into things like yachts. Recently, he posted about an amazing airplane.

One Of The Largest Private Jets In The World

Matt Roloff seemed very interested in the video about one of the largest private planes that exist. It’s massive and beautifully appointed. Enes said that it “has over 2000 sq feet of interior space with 2 bedrooms.” Additionally, he tagged @AyersWorld.

Plenty of other people loved the interesting video which you can watch below. Just like Matt, another 35K people gave it a thumbs-up. Now you know what the LPBW star likes to watch when his own show is on hiatus!

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Matt Roloff right now. Come back here often for more Little People, Big World spoilers, news, and updates.

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