Mama June Disappeared on Reality Show for 3 Weeks

Mama June Road To RedemptionIn the premiere of her We Tv reality show “Mama June: Road to Redemption,” Mama June went full MIA on production for three complete weeks. When she reappeared, she said she left her boyfriend Geno in the middle of the night while he was passed out.
Mama June — June Says her “Life Is A Train Wreck”

On the show, Mama June, describes the volatile relationship she was into but specifically denies anything physical went down.

Mama June also explained how it was difficult for her to leave her boyfriend Geno behind. June recalled that while she planned her escape, she also considered ending things with Geno at the courthouse during his sentencing for his 2019 arrest for felony drug possession. She said she felt it would be safer for her to end it there because there would be law enforcement present.

After that, Mama June disappeared. According to her daughter Pumpkin, she was completely absent when Lauryn gave birth to June’s first grandson, Bentley, and didn’t even call her after the baby arrived. The show also confirmed that June stopped communicating with production for three solid weeks, before eventually reaching out and setting up a meeting in a hotel in Alabama.

“There’s a lot that happened behind closed doors that a lot of people don’t know. My life has been turned inside out … I’m just tired of lying and hiding and I decided to call y’all,” June explained to a producer inside a hotel room.

“Geno has no idea where I’m at and I would prefer for y’all not to tell him that. He went to sleep, passed out because he was drunk and I packed a bag, I left, I got an Uber,” she continued. “I tried to do this a few times before and I talked myself out of it. A few nights ago, it was just some extra push.”

“I should have left him at the last court date, but I didn’t. The drinking got worse, the verbal abuse … I was ruining myself emotionally, mentally, having to worry about my sobriety,” said June. “The devil was right here saying, ‘You know if you use, you don’t have to use these feelings, if you get cocaine, you don’t have to feel these feelings.”

She added that, for the first time, she was walking away from “an abusive relationship” — but, when asked if she broke up with him, June said no. She said that what she was about to tell them “might piss off some people, who may be like, ‘What the hell is going on in her life?'” She added, “it’s a train wreck,” before the episode ended on a cliffhanger with her saying, “the last few months have been probably the worst time in my life, I think I need to let you all know something …”

Mama June Says Geno Affected Her Sobriety

Mama June explained that being with Geno affected her sobriety as she “had the urge” to use again after their time at Banyan Treatment Center in Florida. She believed that if she used, then she wouldn’t have to deal with everything going on in the relationship, adding “it would have been easier for me to escape with the drugs like I had in the past.”

June said she found strength thinking about the many fans who have looked up to her own sobriety journey, while also talking to people like “Jackass” star Brandon Novak, who went to the same facility as Shannon.

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