Mama June Shannon Finds Herself – Credits Justin Stroud

Mama June Shannon Finds Herself – Credits Justin StroudMama June Shannon spoke about her boyfriend ahead of the new season premiere of Road To Redemption on May 13. It seems that after all these years, she now found herself buried under the mom of Honey Boo Boo (Alana) and the layers of her TV star persona. Actually, she credits her new boyfriend, Justin Stroud for helping her get through the dark times.

Mama June: Road To Redemption – Fans See A New Mama June

WeTv fans saw Honey Boo Boo’s mom fall down so many times, and it all culminated in her abandoning her family for drugs and the high life with Geno Doak. Well, fans see a lot of red flags in her new boyfriend, Justin Stroud. However, it’s clear that the younger man in the famous grandma’s life can’t do any wrong. In fact, she alludes to the fact that she might not have found her new self without him.

Mama June Shannon Finds Herself - Credits Justin Stroud
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Mama June Shannon not only returns for the new season with a new boyfriend but also with a new determination to win back custody of her daughter, Alana. Well, judging by spoilers for the shower, that won’t all be plain sailing as Alana and Pumpkin, (Lauryn) giggled about their mom’s new toy boy.

No More Mama June Or Honey Boo Boo Mom Image – Just Herself

Clearly besotted with Justin, Geno’s ex said to ET’s Deidre Behar that “when you experience true love for the first time, you know you know.” Then she added the fact that she has “no communication” with Geno at all. She said it was “God’s way” …actually, she said that a few times in the interview.

So, now she wants folks to know that without Geno, she is no longer just a mom and TV personality, as she found herself. The Mama June Road To Redemption star loved that when she was recovering, her boyfriend was there for her. Actually, it was just constant reaffirmation.

Little things count, so when he texted and asked about her day, it meant a lot to her. Actually, she claims he never ever heard of her before rehab. Hmmm…fans might see that as yet another red flag.

WeTv fans React On YouTube

Mama June fans who watched the interview on ET reacted in the comments, and a lot of them saw that she looked genuinely happy.

One viewer said, “She looks genuinely happy. So happy she turned her life around.” 

However, another point of view mentioned her boyfriend. The comment read: “She looks like she’s in a better headspace. But I think she should focus on her kids n grandkids besides bringing a new man on board.”

This comment also arrived: “June looks beautiful but is one who has to have a man in her life. Just wish she would take time to heal from one before jumping to the next.”

What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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