Married At First Sight Fans Are Wondering If Mark Has Seen Lindsey’s Rant

Married At First sight

Married At First Sight spoilers and updates tease that much to a lot of fans’ shock and awe, Lindsey Georgoulis and Mark “The Shark” Maher decided to stay married on Decision Day. One thing that can’t leave our minds it seems is that horrible rant that Lindsey has at the bowling alley where she insulted the way he looks, his job, his finances, his running back to mommy, etc. There was no stopping Lindsey, she verbally tore him to shreds.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Decision Day

We were all waiting for it on Decision Day, Mark to say no and save himself from any further verbal abuse from Lindsay, but shockingly, after she basically threatened him regarding some posts he shared on social media, he said yes. Unbelievable considering that she constantly blames him for everything and he screwed up life and acts like she is perfect and thank God she is saving him from his wretched existence.

Lindsey Georgoulis

Certainly, at the Reunion Show, they will have all had a chance to watch the episodes, so it is possible that on Decision Day he still didn’t see that horrible rant. Or, maybe after eight weeks he has become used to her not having a filter and being very harsh with her words. When he does hear her ranting about his roach-infested apartment and “small balls” doubtfully he will take it lightly.

Married At First Sight Updates – Fans And The Rant

Lindsey’s now-famous “bowling alley” rant did not sit well with fans and look forward to Mark addressing it on the Reunion Show, “Right after she did it I turned to my husband and said: IDC if they say yes on decision day or not. The second he sees this it’s over. So I’m really hoping it will be brought up in the reunion because seriously, there would be no coming back from that with me,” and “My jaw was on the floor! There was such disdain and ugliness. I don’t talk that badly about people I can’t stand. I really thought it was so loud that he heard part of it, but maybe not,” and “That rant is definitely coming out at the reunion. If he heard it, he definitely would have brought it up. I’m surprised the “experts” never brought it up. Then again, it could have been edited out,” and “They won’t last and I’m surprised they both didn’t want to divorce.”

Do you think Mark knows about the “bowling alley” rant?

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