Married At First Sight Spoilers: What Happened To Kevin Frazier?

Kevin Frazier

Married At First Sight spoilers and updates tease that finally, after a really long wait of over two months, the Reunion Special aired and was hosted by fan favorite, Kevin Frazier.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Then

What fans really liked about Kevin Frazier is that he would really just ask the couples anything that came to mind, he didn’t hold back and fans loved it. After having a lot of what we see from the couples being scripted, it was always refreshing to get to hear Kevin just be real with them and ask the questions that have been on all our minds the whole season long.

Fans will recall that back in season 10, Kevin called out Zach Justice for breaking his wedding vows to Mindy Shiben. Basically, immediately following the wedding, Zack abandoned Mind because he didn’t find her physically attractive. Kevin was quick to put Zach on the spot, “Now, what changed from your wedding day, when you said that you will always make her feel like the most attractive woman in the world and you will always make her feel good and positive?” Zach squirmed in his seat and didn’t know what to say, the fish had been caught!

Married At First Sight Updates – Now

Like Zach, there was a lot to call out on with Olajuwon Dickerson in season 14. Yet, Kevin let him off. He said nothing about the dark circles under Katina Goode’s eyes, nor the horrible gaslighting behavior towards her, not to mention the complete change in her personality from vibrant to dull and sad.

Did Kevin Burnout? Why the new calmer and gentler Kevin? MAFS fans noticed the difference and had a lot to say about it, “I was really disgusted with the way Kevin (and the “experts”) all applauded O and Katina’s horrible toxic relationship. He is transparently abusive, there’s no way any of them are too stupid to see it, but since they paired him with his victim in the first place they’re all invested in pretending everything is fine,” and “I don’t think he even watches the show,” and “He did seem much more reserved than he usually is (especially with the “Big 3” of Olajuwon, Alyssa, and Lindsey,) but part 2 looks pretty juicy from the previews and where I have a sense we might see the Kevin we all know and love.”

Yes, maybe the second part of the Reunion Special will bring back the Kevin who is not afraid to ask the tough questions that fans want to hear the answers to.

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