Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Admits She’s ‘Having Too Much Fun’ in Her Single Life

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Admits She’s ‘Having Too Much Fun’ in Her Single LifeSister Wives spoilers and updates tease that reality star Christine Brown is ‘having too much fun’ in her single life.

Christine Brown sounded a bit tired in her recent video post and excused to her viewers for her crackling voice. She continued her video and talked about how she’s enjoying her single life.

Christine Brown’s Fans Have Different Thoughts About the Real Situation of The Sister Wives Star

Christine Brown’s fans have a collective thought about how the actress is handling her single life. Other fans noticed that “she sounds a bit tired”, while others got curious about how she’s able to “handle her new single life well”.

The Sister Wives celebrity has just come back after taking a break from creating fan-requested videos where she mostly talked about living a life without her Sister Wives husband. In her latest video, she shared and spilled details about her personal life as a mom.

After spending 25 years of her life conforming to Kody Brown’s rules, Christine Brown finally decided to get out of a polygamous household and divorced Kody Brown. Now, Christine Brown is happily living her single life in Utah, together with her six kids.

Christine Brown Regularly Talks to Kody Brow

In her latest video, Christine Brown hinted to the fans that she talks to Kody Brown regularly. She mentioned that they talk at least once or twice a week about health insurance and their kids’ school.

However, the reality TV star admitted that it’s not always easy for her to “spark up” a conversation with Kody. Christine Brown also added that she needs to handle such a strained situation because she shared six kids with her ex-husband.

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Admits She’s ‘Having Too Much Fun’ in Her Single Life

Christine Brown Kicks Son Paedon Out of the House Without Kody Brown Knowing

Meanwhile, Paedon Brown shared on his social media account that her mother packed his clothes and showed him the door to leave the house because of his lack of effort and motivation to live his own life.

Christine Brown’s initiative made his 23-year-old son realized that he should be a responsible adult now. Paedon’s forced move out was done without the consent of Kody Brown.

Instead of being emotional or calling out her mom for what happened, Paedon Brown has shared to his fans how he appreciated her mom. Paedon said that he is grateful for his mom for showing tough love that made him find hope and direction in life.

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