Teen Mom Alum David Eason Starts Spicy OnlyFans Account

Teen Mom Alum David Eason Starts Spicy OnlyFans AccountTeen Mom alums David Eason and his wife Jenelle Evans get a lot of trolls to this day. However, when he announced his OnlyFans account, even folks who like them decided it sounded gross. The MTV alum promised fans that it will be “spicy” and he does it in collaboration with Jenelle.

Teen Mom Alum David Eason seems To Ask For Trolls

Sometimes, Jenelle’s husband will take to social media and really wind up folks. For instance, he will celebrate things that woke people hate: like the Confederate Flag. Or, he posts pictures of cute farm animals before showing them being cooked on the BBQ. Actually, that caused a furor in 2020.

Teen Mom fans often troll on David and Jenelle, but even they slam those people who troll on their daughter Ensley. So, there is still some decency left in the world. But a lot of folks didn’t hold back this week. It came when David revealed himself lying on a bed, advertising his new OnlyFans account. The photo revealed him without a shirt on, and the whole filter was a blue color.

Teen Mom – David And Jenelle Evans Collaborate On Only Fans

David Eason took to his Instagram on May 11 and reminded fans that he started an OnlyFans account. Well, his link in his bio revealed that so far, he shared four posts. Six people liked them. If you want to see him doing cat-like things to Jenelle, or bite her *ss, then you might want to rush over there.

However, it’s not clear that millions of MTV fans want to see it. At least, that’s judging by the comments that arrived. He captioned his post with, “Don’t forget about my spicy site! I’ll be collaborating with @j_evans1219 on there too! Link in bio.”

Teen Mom Alum David Eason Starts Spicy OnlyFans Account
David Eason / Instagram

Teen Mom fans seemed mostly unimpressed at the thought of watching the two people getting intimate. One of them slammed the idea, saying, “Nothing better than having wannabe pornstar parents.”

Another fan wrote, “Ain’t nobody trying to see that 😂😂.”

Meanwhile, others really hoped that he was just joking. One of them commented, “Loved y’all for so long, but this …..🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢.”

Not a Joke

Teen Mom star David Eason seems to be completely genuine and not just joking around. Perhaps some fans want to see them cavorting in the bedroom. Who knows, maybe it’s easier than spending hours and hours creating homemade knives to sell on Etsy and eBay.

What are your thoughts about their OnlyFans account? Will you follow them? Sound off in the comments below.

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