The Duggars Family Gross Kissing Videos Discovered By Fans

The Duggars Family Gross Kissing Videos Discovered By FansThe Duggars spoilers reveal that fans are really ‘mortified’ at the clips of the Duggars that have been shared on social media. Now that the show has been pulled from every streaming service, fans still want to see more. They have been hunting down some of their favorite clips and really were excited to see some pop up online.

The Kissing Clips

One of the clips that fans have found is all about the Duggars kissing their partners. Does it sound as gross as you think? Of course, it does! There is one clip of Josh and Anna Duggar from 2012 when they got married. They are in the car and Josh is driving and they are in a disgusting lip lock.

In fact, it almost looks like he is swallowing her face! Seriously! It’s just so gross. There are several of these clips online and one fan took to social media to try and pull them all together. They made a video of their favorite clips and have started sharing it on social media sites like Reddit.

These videos are from the Duggar weddings or other scenes of the show when the couples were married already. (Remember, no kissing until you’re married!) In another clip, Anna’s brother-in-law decides that he wants to dip his wife as if they are dancing and started making out with her in another quite disgusting tongue kiss. Who taught these people how to kiss? Why all the tongues?

The Duggars Family Gross Kissing Videos Discovered By Fans

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Kiss

These kisses couldn’t happen without an even creepier scene of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar kissing one another. These two have been known for teaching their children how to kiss and this scene with them is horrifying. There are really no words. Fans who have watched these clips have told each other that they feel uncomfortable about it and after everything that has happened in this family, they will never look at them in the same way again.

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