Welcome To Plathville Spoilers: Season 4 First Look

welcome to plathville season 4 moriah plath

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers indicate that some major changes are about to take place with the Plath family. However, things may not be how fans expect them to be. What changes will occur with the Plath family this season? Here is what we know so far.

Welcome To Plathville – Ethan Plath, Olivia Plath, And Moriah Plath In Tampa

Welcome To Plathville’s Ethan Plath, Olivia Plath, and Moriah Plath have packed up their lives and moved to Tampa, Florida. Olivia and Ethan hoped that a new location would offer some help with their reconciliation. Life in Tampa is lightyears away from life in Cairo. Tampa is full of bars and other venues that are far different than those in Cairo. Olivia describes it as going from “Pleasantville” to “Sex In The City”.

Ethan seems to be having some type of issue considering that a friend had to slap him to get his attention. Olivia and Ethan seem to be having more problems instead of less. Moriah and her boyfriend from last season, Max Kallschmidt, hasn’t moved back in with her either. Are these couples over instead of moving on with their future together?

Welcome To Plathville – Micah Plath Is In L.A.

Welcome To Plathville’s Micah Plath has moved to L.A. to pursue his acting and modeling career. Micah decided he needed to follow his dreams instead of going along with his siblings and sister-in-law to Florida. Micah packed up and left without notice.

However, it seems that Micah is living it up in L.A. even visiting strip clubs which is something his parents would never approve of. How is Micah’s career going now that he is in California? Will Micah make it as an actor in L.A.?

Welcome To Plathville – Is Kim Plath Having A Mid-Life Crisis?

Welcome to Plathville’s Kim Plath has changed drastically leaving her husband Barry Plath asking if this is a mid-life crisis. Kim has been working out a lot and changing the way the family dances as well. Barry seems bothered by the way Kim has been spending so much time in the dance studio.

Kim even decides that it is time to reach out to Ethan and Olivia as well. Barry doesn’t know what is going on but isn’t too happy that they are eating pizza more and more. Unfortunately, it seems that Olivia is still having issues with Ethan wanting to stay connected to his family in Cairo.

Will the Plath family finally reunite? Is Ethan’s past going to keep him and Olivia apart? Welcome To Plathville will kick off the new 12-episode season on Tuesday, May 17, at 10 p.m.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Welcome To Plathville right now. Come back here often for Welcome To Plathville spoilers, news, and updates. Welcome To Plathville airs Tuesday nights at 10 on TLC.

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