Why Did Unexpected Alum Hailey Tilford Ask Fans To Buy Her A Drink?

Why Did Unexpected Alum Hailey Tilford Ask Fans To Buy Her A Drink?Unexpected Season 3 brought loads of drama with Matthew Blevins and his two girls, Hailey Tilford and Hailey Tomlinson. At the time, fans give Haily Tilford the name “Hailey 2” and she managed to steal a lot of the limelight. Hated by many people, she nevertheless found a lot of fans over the years. Now, she asked them to buy her a drink.

Unexpected Fans Turned On Hailey Tilford & Matthew Blevins

Each session of the TLC show brings more villains for fans to slam. Well, Hailey and Matthew took the crown in the hate department during their season. Actually, things broke down to the point where they were not invited back.

Recall, out of the blue, after watching Hailey Tomlinson birth her baby, at the Tell-All, Hailey 2 announced that Matthew also made her pregnant. You probably recall that Matthew cheated on Hailey Tomlinson with Ms. Tilford.

Unexpected brought plenty of villains like Max Schenzel and Anthony Vannelli, but none of them got as much hate as Matthew and Hailey Tilford. In fact, Hailey 2 claimed that she got death threats after the birth of Levi. Matthew abandoned her and the baby and she took up with Cole. Then that broke off, and she ended up dating an older relative from Matthew’s family.

Next, she left social media, but she does post again these days, albeit very seldom. This week, she shared something on her Instagram Stories. The last time she posted on her profile page was in December last year.

Unexpected Star Asks Fans To Treat Her

These days, Hailey 2 seems a lot shyer to shout out her misery and occasional triumphs on social media. TLC fans rarely see her posting much at the moment. However, she took the time out of her life to do so this week.

On May 11, she posted on her stories and told her fans that they could buy her a drink on the Cash App. Why would they do that? Well, it turned out that she celebrated her 21st birthday. Clearly, she’s not rolling in dough if she needed fans to treat her on her special day.

Unexpected Alum Hailey Tilford Ask Fans To Buy Her A Drink
Hailey Tilford / Instagram Stories

Unexpected fans can’t comment on Stories, so it’s not clear how many of them offered to pay for Hailey 2’s celebration. Historically, all she had to do was post anything on her profile page to rack up tons of hate from her critics.

What Happened With Matthew Blevins?

Unexpected fans saw that Matthew was featured again in Season 4, but Hailey Tilford was not on it. Since then, he maintained a low presence on social media. One thing that fans do gather from posts by his first baby mama, is that he doesn’t seem to be too interested in his daughter Kinsley.

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