Why Does TLC Plug Chris And Matt’s Bromance On LPBW?

Why Does TLC Plug Chris And Matt’s Bromance On LPBW?Little People Big World (LPBW) spoilers for Season 23 reveal that Matt Roloff and Chris Marek continue their bromance that started in Season 22. Recall, Amy didn’t seem happy that her fiance wanted to be more than just on polite terms with her ex. Now the friendship becomes part of the new season, Redditors wonder why TLC makes a big thing of it.

LPBW Bromance Between Chris And Matt Roloff Returns

Last year, when fans saw that Chris and Matt were working together to prep for Amy’s wedding, the new friendship was welcomed by fans. However, they soon started wondering about where Amy stood. After all, Chris and Matt both seemed really relaxed when she wasn’t around. So, some folks even wondered if Chris made his move on Any because he liked her ex-husband.

At one stage, LPBW fans even welcomed the idea of a spinoff that brought the two men to the TV. Well, that seems to have lost some popularity this season, as Matt’s likeability ratings dropped badly. That came after he put the northern section of the farm up for sale and turned down Zach’s offer. Actually, fans also become less tolerant of Caryn who seems to get very involved in her boyfriend’s decisions.

LPBW – Plugging The Bromance To Keep The Show Going

On the r/LittlePeopleBigWorld subreddit, u/fentanylisfatal raised the question about Matt and Chris. They asked, “Why is the show pushing the Chris and Matt Bromance?” Next, they wondered if other folks thought it was just to “keep the TlC cash cow… moo’ing.”

Why Does TLC Push Chris And Matt's Bromance On LPBW
u/fentanylisfatal / r/LittlePeopleBigWorld – Reddit

The question arrived when LPBW fans saw that Chris and Amy had dinner with Caryn and Matt. Actually, fans really enjoyed it when Amy seemed to deliberately put mushrooms in the meal. Notably, Matt can’t stand them. Well, some folks agree that it’s probably just a way to keep a storyline going.

Has The Show Betrayed Its Premise?

Originally, Matt Rolof said that LPBW would show how little people struggle to get along in the world of average-sized folks. Of course, it would also possibly help to diminish misconceptions about their challenges. However, for years now, it’s been more about Amy and Matt bickering and being toxic. Now, it’s even more toxic as Tori and Zach moved to Washington.

In fact, the only popular little people, on the show right now, seem to be Jackson and his little sister, Lilah.

One fan opined, “[Chris and Amy and Matt and Caryn are] playing along to keep the show going.”

Another follower agreed, saying, “it’s [to] keep drama and have a story line. It needs to just end ugh.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Chris and Matt’s friendship is all that relevant to the premise of the show? And, do you think that the producers scratch for storylines to keep the show going? Sound off in the comments below.

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