90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise Spoilers: Amber Doesn’t Want to Tell Daniel About Ashton

90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise Spoilers: Amber Doesn’t Want to Tell Daniel About Ashton90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise spoilers reveal that Amber isn’t exactly excited to tell Daniel that her best friend, Ashton is moving in with them. Ashton recently got a divorce from his husband and needed a place to stay. This may just be temporary, but Amber is very nervous to drop this news on Daniel.

What Will Happen?

Daniel and Amber met when she was on vacation in Costa Rica. They hit it off and then fell in love. Now Daniel is living with her in the states with her and loving his new life. From the looks of his old home, this is a step up for him and some viewers even think that he is just using Amber for a lavish lifestyle. Nonetheless, Amber isn’t very excited to tell Daniel that she is letting Ashton move in with them. This isn’t a problem that she wants to face yet and she just knows that it will turn into an argument with him.

Ashton, on the other hand, feels that if Amber doesn’t explain to Daniel what is going on first, then his living there will be even more of an issue. All Ashton wants right now is to live in a comfortable place with no drama. If Amber can’t talk to Daniel about it, this will go south very quickly.

Ashton and Amber’s Friendship

One of the reasons that Ashton is concerned about Daniel is that he has strong feelings about how he and Amber act when they are together. Daniel feels as if Amber forgets who he is with she’s with Ashton and he doesn’t like it when they hang out. This has been made very clear in prior chats that they have had and this is one of the other reasons that Amber is feeling nervous.

Ashton will pay rent so that is a plus since Daniel can’t work yet. This will help Amber to pay the mortgage and she thinks that she will spring it on Daniel in that way to show that there is something very positive coming out of this.

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