90 Day Fiance Star Anna Campisi Reveals Gokhan’s Cute Bee Outfit

90 Day Fiance Star Anna Campisi Reveals Gokhan’s Cute Bee Outfit90 Day Fiance stars Anna Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu talked about having a baby, and sure enough, the two beekeepers found a surrogate. Unfortunately, she lived in Ukraine. So, a nervous Anna felt extremely relieved when she went to collect little Gokhan as people from the Dynamo Project helped her out. Now he’s safely back in the USA, she shares some super-cute photos of their son.

90 Day Fiance Star Anna Campisi Now Has Four Sons

When TLC fans first met Anna and Mursel, she already had a family. You probably recall that Mursel didn’t want to tell his traditional Turkish parents about Joey, Gino, and Leo, Of course, that all blew up in dramatic TLC fashion, and they very nearly didn’t tie the knot. Well, Mursel soon won the boys over, and they eventually married. With the arrival of little Gohkan, they are now a family of six.

90 Day Fiance fans are spoiled by Anna who posted loads of photos of the new addition to the family. TLC viewers actually really seem to like the couple these days as they settled down and run their bee business. Additionally, her husband crafts wonderful furniture and helps her to run their stall at the Farmers Market.

90 Day Fiance Baby Gokhan In His Cute Bee Outfit

Beauty And The Bees products seem to be popular at the market and this weekend, Mursel ran it by himself. On her Instagram, Anna mentioned that it was raining, so she and Gokhan didn’t go outside for long. But, she certainly dressed her baby appropriately for his outing. He wore a very cute bee outfit. In her caption, Anna called Gokhan her “little bee baby.”

90 Day Fiance Star Anna Campisi Reveals Gokhan Cute Bee Outfit
Anna Campisi / Instagram

Of course, 90 Day Fiance fans love a good-news story, and they adore babies. So a lot of comments went in about cute Gokhan. They also loved the little bee outfit with his bee-colored knitted hat. One of them said, “What a cutie! Love the outfit too 🐝 🍯.”

Another TLC fan wrote, “He is so beautiful and I love his outfit. ❤️” Unfortunately, Anna didn’t say where she got the little bee outfit from.

Are Baby Clothes Listed On Anna’s Website?

90 Day Fiance fans can buy all sorts of nice products on Anna’s website. They range from soaps, honey of many kinds, and sweet treats, to beekeeping equipment and jewelry. But, there are no clothes are listed there. Perhaps she should think about getting some custom-made as fans sounded intersted enough in Gokhan’s outfit to buy them.

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