Anna Duggar Is Finally Making A Change In Her Life

Anna Duggar Is Finally Making A Change In Her LifeCo-star in the Counting On series, Anna Duggar, has been pushing something away for a long time. The change has been long overdue and many fans are now happy that she’s trying to deal with it. Still don’t know what we’re talking about? Keep reading to find out.

Now, a lot has happened to the 19 Kids And Counting star. Her husband, Josh Duggar just got arrested on child pornography charges. He has been on trial since 2021 and just got convicted this year.

Josh was sentenced to 12.5 years in prison and amidst everything, Anna just gave birth to her seventh child, Madyson in October last year.

Anna Duggar Has Been Silent For A Long time

The TLC star recently updated her Twitter and Instagram Profiles. As of April 2022, her bio stated that she had “6 wonderful children.” Fans have noticed her bio for some months now. Yet, Anna didn’t do anything to correct it.

For a while, Anna has stayed away from social media. Maybe that’s the reason why she hasn’t updated her bio. She has been coming online occasionally but it seems as if she never paid attention to her bio.

While it looks like a small and minute detail, many fans have perceived that she’s failing to acknowledge her last child. Madyson would be a year older this October. Fans believe that it shouldn’t take her one year to change some details on her profile.

Anna Duggar Is Finally Making A Change In Her Life

Well, on Sunday, June 26, she made that change. Her bio now states that she now has “7 wonderful children.” She also updated her Instagram page too.

Is She Still In Love With Josh?

Now, here’s the funny thing about her Instagram page. Anna stated that she’s ” happily married and have 7 wonderful children!” She had the choice to say that she wasn’t “happily married” but she left it that way. This is proof of her undying love for Josh.

Of course, a lot of things can change in the coming years. But at this moment, she’s staying faithful to her husband.

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