Derick Dillard Confirms New Job Title & Influential Society Membership

Derick Dillard Confirms New Job Title & Influential Society MembershipDerick Dillard went back to University and studied law. Previously, he studied accounting and economics in Oklahoma, and now he works in the state. Fans heard that he’d gotten a job in Stilwell, but it was only this weekend that the news arrived about his actual job title. Additionally, other interesting information came to light.

Derick Dillard Struggled Financially When He Studied Law

After Jill Duggar and her husband left the TLC show, Counting On, he claimed that he wasn’t fired from the network. At the time, a lot of fans trolled him for disagreeing that Jazz Jennings should be on the network. However, that opinion changed a lot as they saw him stand up for his wife. Additionally, he studied hard, and eventually, he passed his bar exam.

During his early studies, fans found some admiration for Derick Dillard as he did all sorts of jobs to make ends meet. He delivered takeouts and more. And yet, he still found the time to be a great dad to his two boys, Sam and Israel. However, it couldn’t have been easy as he is the sole provider in the family. This year, he landed a new job and it seems that he moves in influential circles.

Derick Dillard Changed His LinkedIn Profile – New Job Position

Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball noticed that Jill’s husband updated his LinkedIn. His new job in Oklahoma, close to Arkansas, is now listed as an “Assistant District attorney.” Katie noted in her caption on Instagram, “He’s currently not licensed in Oklahoma but could be transferring his license from Arkansas. Stilwell is on the border of Arkansas. So he’s not far from home.”

Derick Dillard New Job Title and society membership
Derick Dillard LinkedIn Via Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Counting On fans commented about Derick Dillard and his career path. One of them wrote, “Wow, this is incredible. Way to go Derick 👏.”

More comments followed that revealed how impressed many TLC fans are. A follower wrote, “DA offices often hire new lawyers … it’s a great place to learn on the job and work up to “bigger” cases in the office. Congratulations to Derick!”

Influential Federalist Society Membership

Katie Joy also noted in her post, that Derick Dillard is “a member of the Federalist Society – which is a powerful ground of conservative lawyers that influence Supreme Court Picks.”

The announcement didn’t cause as much of a political argument as one might expect. Actually, despite some followers leaning towards the Blue, most comments were very kind. One fan penned, “He & I couldn’t be more different politically, but great job for him.”

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