Has Mama June’s Sister Doe-Doe Stepped In As Grandma To Pumpkin’s Twins?

Has Mama June’s Sister Doe-Doe Stepped In As Grandma To Pumpkin’s Twins?Mama June Road to Redemption spoilers suggests that in June Shannon’s absence, her sister Joanne “Doe-Doe” Shannon has stepped in as grandma to Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird’s twins. June revealed that Pumpkin gave birth to twins on May 19. Of course, June admitted this was Pumpkin’s story to tell right before she made the announcement. However, June has proven not to be there for her kids, and now her grandchildren.

Mama June Road To Redemption – June Shannon Is Taking Care Of Other Things

Mama June Road To Redemption June has proven time and again that she thinks of no one but herself. June claims she wants to help other people who are in recovery but that is at the expense of her children. June promised to be there for her children after her split from Gino Doak. Unfortunately, it was no time before June was contacting a boy toy and drops $50,000 on him before he proposed to another woman. Now June has married her latest boyfriend, Justin Stroud.

June returned to crash Alana Thompson’s 16th birthday party because she was not invited. June thought that showing up with gifts would make up for abandoning her daughter at the airport. June’s decision to crash the party ended up exposing everyone to COVID since she was diagnosed just days after the party.

Mama June Road To Redemption – Grandma Doe-Doe Shannon To The Rescue

Mama June Road To Redemption June was fed up with rumors that she didn’t care about her children when she revealed on TikTok that Pumpkin had given birth to her twins. June saw the babies the day they were born before leaving on a planned vacation with Justin. June returned to Alabama with Justin and doesn’t seem to have returned to Georgia yet. However, Pumpkin had her Aunt Doe-Doe to call on for essentials.

Has Mama June’s Sister Doe-Doe Stepped In As Grandma To Pumpkin’s Twins?

Mama June Road To Redemption – Not Just A Bag Of Diapers

Mama June Road To Redemption Doe-Doe didn’t just arrive with diapers for the babies, her minivan was packed. Family members helped to tote things inside so the family could have the much-needed items. Pumpkin has her hands full and it seems she could use a hand right now. Pumpkin was recently awarded permanent custody of her sister, Alana shortly before her twins were born. Of course, Alana has been seen helping with Pumpkin’s other children so the twins should be no different.

Doe-Doe stepped up for her family for years after June turned to drugs. Doe-Doe has been more of a mother or grandmother than June has from the start. In the family’s eye, June can have her boy toys, they have each other to lean on. Congratulations on the twins.

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