Little People Big World: Fans Are Not Happy With Zach Roloff

Little People Big World: Fans Are Not Happy With Zach RoloffFans of the Little People Big World Show have been upset with Zach Roloff’s character recently. After watching the latest episode, many viewers have said that Zach failed to live up to their expectations. He took advantage of his tall wife and depended on her for all the heavy lifting and parenting.

Tori Never Received Support From Zach While Preparing For The Party

So, this week’s episode was mostly about Liah’s second birthday party. Preparations for the party were one-sided. Tori mostly did everything. The couple was filmed chatting with each other. 

Zach lay on the floor as he watched his pregnant wife do all the work in preparation for the party. The anger coming from fans was that Zach could have at least done something. Tori had already mentioned that she still had a lot to do but he just sat there.

Heavy Lifting Too!

This was the last straw for many fans. The couple decided it was time for Jackson to take a nap. Jackson recently had surgery and he needed all the help he could get. However, he couldn’t get any help from his father. 

His mother, who is roughly four months pregnant, picked him off the couch and carried him to his bed. It was just appalling to see the man of the house lie down and watch his wife do everything.

Was Matt Right After All?

Connecting the dots, some fans of the show have begun to see some reasons why Matt Roloff didn’t sell the farm to Zach. Both Tori and Zach have been reported to be lazy people. During the previous season, Tori said that she won’t be doing any dirty jobs on the farm.

Fans have also called out Zach Roloff for being lazy at everything. Hence, it’s possible that Matt never sold the farm to Zach because he believed that he couldn’t manage the farm. What do you think about Zach’s behavior? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. 

  1. Catherine Payne says

    Zack and Tori have become very spoiled and feel entitled. They need a wake up call and see that being an adult is not easy. Zack is very lazy and always has been. Tori does everything and I don’t care for the way he treats their dog either. His father is trying very hard to give time but they both are very disrespectful after everything the parents have done for them.

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  4. Nathan says

    It seems that Zach went into the negotiations as a hostile dictator, demanding things because he’s never been reprimanded for this type of behavior in the past and so, he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. In Zach’s world, he believes ownership of a farm comes with slave labor so he doesn’t have to lift a finger to manage it. He has no clue how the “REAL WORLD” works and will forever no live up to his father’s expectations as a productive member of society. Whereas, Matt has always been an active role model in the community despite the unraveling of his marriage. Anger issues aside, it seems that season 23 has been all the “Woe is me” attitude from Zach and Tori. I have heard 20% only about their kids and growing up and 80% of his failures as a negotiator. I wonder what his job really is? Couch potato? He makes money from the network, but they really need to let his sorry ass go.

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