Little People, Big World Spoilers: Matt Roloff May Have Gotten a DUI

Little People, Big World Spoilers: Matt Roloff May Have Gotten a DUILittle People, Big World spoilers reveal that fans are very concerned about Matt Roloff. He has had a falling out with his son, Zach Roloff, over the selling of the farm. His life has had a lot of drama and now it looks as if there are some rumors going around that he has been charged with a DUI. In fact, fans of the show have been snooping and see that he may have more than one!

What Happened?

There have been plenty of rumors about Matt driving under the influence. It looks as if he has gotten two DUIs. The first one happened in 2003 and at that point, he swerved and ended up running his car into a ditch. When he was pulled over, the police said that he was drunk while driving. He didn’t want to go to jail so he decided that he would go to an alcohol diversion program. After he completed the program, the charges against him were dropped.

This wasn’t the only DUI for Roloff though. In 2007, he got pulled over by the Washington Countruy Sheriff. When he went through the sobreity test, it was clear that he was intoxicated. He was driving outside the lines on the road and he had just left a bar. He was at the bar, but there were a lot of witneses that said he wasn’t drinking at the bar, which means he was drunk befofre he got there, if that is the case. Matt did tell the sheriff that because of his height, he has trouble with driving a car. He has brake and pedal extensions, but apparently those didn’t fit him. He was acquitted on this charge.

Little People, Big World Spoilers: Matt Roloff May Have Gotten a DUI

The Farm

Now that Matt has made the sell of the farm public, there has been a lot of backlash. Fans thought that he would continue to keep the farm in the family, but it looks as if he didn’t want to sell it to them. There has been a big emotional toll on the family since it went up for sale, but it looks as if all of the Roloff children have decided to buy homes of their own.

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