LPBW: Ember Roloff Does A Dance Recital – Bode & Radley Want No Part In It

LPBW: Ember Roloff Does A Dance Recital – Bode & Radley Want No Part In ItLittle People Big World (LPBW) fans know that Audrey and Jeremy Roloff dote on their kids, Bode, Radley, and big sister Ember Roloff. Not shy of pennies in the piggy bank, they do the best that can to make sure the kids live a good life. This week, the former TLC stars revealed that Ember did a dance recital and her mom felt so proud, but Bode and Radley seemed uninterested.

LPBW – Ember Roloff Lives The Best Life

The pretty little girl seems very fortunate as she has a very caring mom. Whether you like Audrey or not, there’s no denying that she spends a lot of time interacting with her kids. This year, Jeremy and Audrey finally saw their dream become a reality. If you don’t know, they always wanted their children to enjoy life on a farm. Well, they finally found one and look to a lovely future.

LPBW fans love it when Audrey shares photos of the kids. However, while Ember is pretty and sweet, Bode’s the one who usually has a grin on his face. Actually, many TLC fans agree that he looks like a cute and cuddly teddy bear. But this week, he wasn’t grinning at the dance recital. Neither was their baby boy, Radley Knight.

LPBW Alum’s Boys Say Nope To Ember’s Dance Recital?

On June 27, Audrey posted up six photos of Ember wearing her dancing outfit. Super-cute, her mom seemed very proud of her. In her caption, Audrey said, “Our tiny dancer had her second dance recital last weekend!🩰” Clearly, her mom loved it, as she also said, “It was precious as ever🥰.”

LPBW Ember Roloff Does A Dance Recital - Bode And Radley Want No Part In It
Audrey Roloff / Instagram

The LPBW alum also mentioned that Ember’s dancing teacher also taught her when was the same age as her daughter. Notably, one photo revealed that the boys looked less than interested in posing for a photo with their sister. As you can see above, “the boys did not want to look for the family photo 😂.”

TLC Fans Comment

LPBW fans took to the comments section to talk about Ember dancing. One of them wrote, “Ember you truly are a gorgeous tiny dancer keep going sweet. dance you (sic) heart out and reach for the stars ❤️❤️❤️.”

Talking about Bode and Radley Roloff, a forgiving fan penned, “She is beautiful and boys will be boys! 😂.”

Laughing, another fan said, “Bode definitely not into this! 😂.”

Time will tell if Bode becomes more interested in watching Ember dance at her recitals. Perhaps as he grows older, he might even try it for himself. As that one commenter said, “boys will be boys,” but they sometimes surprise their parents when they get a bit older.

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