Married At First Sight 15 Spoilers: Behind The Scenes

Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight spoilers and updates tease that over 14 seasons and 78 thousand applications, MAFS has proven that arranged marriages do work. There are still 14 couples together and 10 children from those matches.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – San Diego

This is the very first time that MAFS is in San Diego, this is a big military town, and there are lots of surfers and tech. Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Cal have invited some special guest experts, Dr. Pia Holec, Psychologist and Sex Therapist, and Devon Franklin, Relationship Advisor, who will step in along the way. This season over 1200 hopeful San Diego singles applied to be matched with a stranger. Not everyone is right for this process, so only the ones they feel are right will make the cut. After extensive background checks and psychological evaluations, they selected fifty-eight people to meet with them for interviews.

Married At First Sight Updates – Why Get Married At First Sight

Alexis says she is tired of the dating experience, she is an old-school lover and it is uncommon these days. Stacia dated to find a husband but she finds that she intimidates men, she thinks they see her as a threat more than an asset.

Nate says he thinks outside the box, he is ambitious and a team player, and he is just looking for his equal. Lindy was brought up in a religious household, with a lot of rules, and they were not allowed to dance all through high school and college. Binh wants to be financially free by forty so he can spend time with his wife and kids.

Alexis wants a man’s man. Morgan wants a nerdy game who can do video games and anime with him. Lindy is not too picky about what he really looks like, she just wants someone funny, and outgoing who can hang out with her.

Dealbreakers; Miguel says he doesn’t want someone needy or smothering, Lindy says someone who doesn’t want kids, and Mitch doesn’t want to be with a woman whose hands are bigger than his.

After the interviews, Dr. Pepper and Pastor Cal make their choices. Then they get to go see them on their own turf.

Dr. Pepper sits down with Lindy in her apartment and she tells her about her worst date where the guy ordered eleven margaritas. Because she is all over the place and loves to live, she likes someone who is more grounded to bring her down a little bit. She is hoping to have the spark, someone to do fun things with and not to be alone, she wants a partner.

Mitch lives near the beach, he tells Pastor Cal he is like the 40-year-old virgin, but not a virgin. The environment is always a factor in his life. He misses having someone around with him, it sucks not to have a plus one, he wants a partner in crime.

Stacia says she can go the distance, she will put in 100%. She wants a quality man, reliable and loyal with integrity. She says asking on the first date what their credit score is probably scaring men away.

Alexis says she is ready for her man, she wants an athletic body type. She says she denied three proposals because she had unrealistic expectations. So, she had to fall in love with herself first. The biggest thing to her is kindness and patience.

Nate says he is up to the challenge to find the right person so they can be a power couple. He says he was a late bloomer and had to find himself first and now he is ready. He says personality is a lot more important to him than looks these days.

Morgan usually dates guys her age but it hasn’t worked out. She wants to feel comfortable and secure with someone.

Dr. Pepper and Pastor Cal choose Lindy & Miguel, Justin & Alexis, Krysten & Mitch, Binh & Morgan, and Stacia & Nate.

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