Married At First Sight Spoilers: Rules Of Marriage – James Bond And Buzz Kills

MAFSMarried At First Sight spoilers and updates tease that the franchise has a new spin-off, “Rules of Marriage,” and it is hosted by Briana Myles from season 12 and Beth Bice from season 9. Beth says she wishes that they had some rules to follow, then she and Jamie Thompson who she was matched, would have avoided a lot of drama. Briana admits that she and Vincent Morales who she was matched with, hit some bumps in the road as well.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Rules For Choosing Their Wedding Dresses And Tuxes

A marriage could get off on the wrong start right from the bride and groom to be choosing their outfits. One thing they both suggest is to bring their moms along for the fitting. The men should bring out their best “James Bond.” There are no second chances at first impressions so they should make their personalities shine. Iris Caldwell from season 9 wanted to wear white for purity and she hoped that when she told her husband to be about her virginity that he would be patient. Sadly for her, the match with Keith Manley didn’t work out and although she said yes on Decision Day, he said no and she left with her virginity. Bennett Kirschner wanted to wear this crazy gold and red ball cap with elephants on it while Bao Huong Hoang in season 13 was only too happy to have deep pockets in her wedding dress. Then we get a glimpse at a lot of the hopefuls not setting and trying on many different dresses and tuxes. Beth tells Briana that her dress was her favorite in the whole entire series. Briana was going with classy and elegant and added the slit for some va va voom.

Married At First Sight Updates – Rules For Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

MAFS Bachelor and Bachelorette parties can go from mild to wild. Nobody likes a buzzkill at a party and Briana advises to not be one. But for some reason, Myrla Feria from season 13 and Alyssa Ellman in season 14 didn’t get the memo! Christina Croce from season 11 was also a buzzkill and Amani Smith was shocked, she says they are supposed to get excited about getting married. And then there is the drinking, there are limits and everyone should be careful about what they drink. Virginia Coombs from season 12 got wasted and could barely talk, then she was retching in the bathroom at her own bachelorette party. Lindsey from season 14 Is another bride-to-be who couldn’t hold her liqueur. The number 1 rule for the parties is to live it up, this is their last time to party.

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