My 600-lb Life: Fans React Over Angie J.’s Current Struggles

My 600-lb Life: Fans React Over Angie J.’s Current StrugglesMy 600-lb Life spoilers, news, and updates tease that fans have grown increasingly critical of Angie J., especially after her recent complaints that she’s been struggling financially. It seems like many viewers would like to see her stop complaining and just get her life together.

Angie J. was part of the show’s season 7. She lost a lot of weight thanks to Dr. Now’s weight loss program. She was well-loved when she was on the show but now, fans are less than pleased with the choices that she’s been making in her life.

Fans Call Angie J. Out For Begging Fans For Money

The reality star came under fire for begging fans for money. Her financial plea was shared on Reddit and some of the users discussed her behavior and suggested that she should be content with what she already has.

“So I need like a ten spot. And before you put yourself in my business let me tell you that Shannon’s money is Shannon’s money! Not mine. He may buy me things but he does not give me money.
So don’t think because I got a coach purse for Mother’s Day that I’m out here living it up. (Frankly idc about a Coach purse when you come from nothing,” shared in a Facebook post.

Redditors were quick to take a screenshot of the post. They called her out and said that she should sell her Coach purse instead.

Viewers Criticize Angie J.’s Constant Complaining

Angie J.’s recent social media post also drew the ire of many followers. One Reddit user posted that the TV personality keeps on complaining about her life and asking for money even though she has a job. Some even believe that she’s been misleading viewers by pretending that she’s hurting for money.

My 600-lb Life: Fans React Over Angie J.’s Current Struggles

Many viewers are simply tired of Angie making up excuses. They just want to see her get her life back together instead of always complaining.

Who Is Angie J.?

Angie J.’s full name is Angela Marie Dunham-Johns. The reality TV star has struggled with drug addiction and grew up in a sexually abusive family. She weighed 643 pounds in season 7. At first Angie J. didn’t follow Dr. Now’s recommended diet plan. She even used drugs while under Dr. Now’s program. But she eventually pulled herself together, lost a lot of weight, and qualified for weight loss surgery.

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