My Big Fat Fab Life: Whitney Shares Her Deepest Secret

My Big Fat Fab Life: Whitney Shares Her Deepest SecretCo-star in the MBFFL show, Whitney Way Thore recently hopped on her social media to share some deep things about herself. Want to find out what she said? Keep reading to find out.

Whitney Shares Her Insecurities With Her Fans

It has been said that another aim of the MBFFL show is to promote the acceptance of all body types. Whitney has always been an advocate for this movement so she surprised her fans with what she revealed recently.

In her latest post on Instagram, she revealed that body positivity is not a cure for insecurity. She brought attention to her nose In a close-up photo. “POV: you’ve just realized how different your nostrils are,” she wrote.

Fans React To Whitney’s Statement 

It seems like she wasn’t the only one thinking about this. Some of her fans rushed to the comment section to share their own story.

“Omg I discovered my nostril difference a couple of years ago- I was upset about it for days 😆 ( then I realised nobody gives a f..k).”

“😂😂 The things we notice that nobody else would likely see… I too have mismatched nostrils… you’re not alone.”

My Big Fat Fab Life: Whitney Shares Her Deepest Secret

“I noticed this about myself like a year ago! Never been the same since😂.”

Many fans still made her understand that she was beautiful no matter what. Some fans concluded that her nose looked uneven because of her nose ring. That said, many fans still loved her and couldn’t wait for her show to start this summer.

While waiting for the tenth season, many fans would love to know what happened to her French tutor boyfriend. Some of them are also wondering why her ex-boyfriend, Lennie Alehat seems to be around her these days. 

Hopefully, we hope that all our questions are answered in the next season. So what do you think about Whitney Way Thore’s insecurity? Do you think she was overreacting? Leave your comments below.

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