Sister Wives Spoilers: Tony And Mykelti Have Exciting News To Share

Sister Wives Spoilers: Tony And Mykelti Have Exciting News To ShareSister Wives Spoilers reveal that Tony Padron and Mykelti Brown Padron have some exciting news to share with fans. The Sister Wives duo has a new baby to announce only this time they are coming in twos. Mykelti and Tony recently announced they are expecting twins.

Sister Wives – Tony Padron And Mykelti Brown Padron’s Video Announcement

Sister Wives Tony and Mykelti announced their news in a TLC video. Mykelti shouts out, “ We’re pregnant!” Mykelti then turns to Tony and asks what they are pregnant with. However, instead of giving a gender, Tony says “with doubles”. The couple admits to being very excited about the new editions.

However, they admit to being a bit scared too. No one in the immediate family has twins so this is a new adventure for the couple. Of course, it’s a new adventure for the rest of the family as well. The babies are due in early December but with twins often arriving early, they will likely be here before Thanksgiving. Mykelti says they do not know the gender of the babies yet though.

Sister Wives – Mykelti Padron Is Nervous About Twins

Sister Wives Mykelti admits that she is very nervous about the first 18 months of her babies’ lives. Mykelti and Tony know they are in for an adventure. However, Tony says he’s ready for double the trouble and double the fun. Tony jokingly says with two he thinks he has a better chance of getting a boy. There will be around 18 months between Avalon Padron and her siblings. Fans certainly look forward to keeping up with Mykelti and the rest of the family.

Sister Wives – Mykelti Brown Has 17 siblings

Sister Wives Mykelti Brown is the second child of Kody Brown and ex-wife Christine Brown. However, Mykelti is Kody’s fifth child. Kody has 18 children including three of Robyn’s that he adopted. Kody also has two other grandchildren Axel Brush and Evie Brush, Maddie Brown Brush’s children. The twin will make five grandchildren so far. Mykelti and Tony have been married for six years.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Tony And Mykelti Have Exciting News To Share

Mykelti and Tony now live closer to Christine who has moved back to Utah. Christine is certain to be a hands-on grandmother. Of course, Christine considers all of the grandbabies hers. Christine and Janelle hang out a lot as well, so Janelle may be close to the babies also. Fans know that Christine will likely be thrilled by this news but there is no word on how Grandpa Kody is reacting.

Will Mykelti and Tony appear on Sister Wives with the children or would they rather stay in the background? Fans are eager to see just how much if any, time the family will spend on the new season of the show. We will offer updates as we get them on the new babies and the rest of the family.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Sister Wives right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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