90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Will Julia Trubkina Get Deported?

90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Will Julia Trubkina Get Deported?90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal that there has been some talk that Julia Trubkina is worried that she is getting deported soon. She made a post on her Instagram about it a few days ago and her fans aren’t sure what is going on and if she is doing alright.

Julia’s News

Julia and Brandon Gibbs have been living married life together in Richmond, Virginia. When she first moved to the states, they were staying with his parents on their farm and Jula was very upset that she had to stay in another bedroom and she had to do farm chores. She was not okay with this. In fact, she threatened to leave Brandon if this was how he was going to live. They eventually got married and moved out and we have seen them grow as a couple.

In her latest post, Julia wrote that she was “being squeezed like a lemon” these days. She has had a lot of questions about her green card and she told her fans that it will expire and that she needs to get the paperwork at least six months in advance. There seems to be some confusion about why it is expiring and why she is so worried about getting deported.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Will Julia Trubkina Get Deported?

More Paperwork for Julia

Julia has been answering a lot of questions about her paperwork and she told her fans that there are reasons that she has not applied to remove the conditions on her two-year visa yet. She only has one document right now to prove that she is living and working in Richmond. She needs more papers that have her name on them and these vary from a lease or mortgage and even a bank account. It looks as if she doesn’t have a lot of these, so that is why she is in danger of getting deported.

The couple is doing everything that they can in order to get this paperwork so she can have her conditions removed from her green card and get a permanent one.

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