AGT: Howie Mandel Shares A Shocking TikTok – Redditors Regret Watching

Howie Mandel Shares A Shocking TikTok – Redditors Regret WatchingHowie Mandel missed being in a recent episode of America’s Got Talent (AGT). So, fans were worried about his health. Anyway, the subject of the talent judge’s illness on Twitter got hijacked by the news about his TikTok video that later got deleted. Those folks who went over to another social media platform to see what the fuss was about, really regretted it.

Howie Mandel Was Sick & Fans Missed Him

Occasionally, the beloved judge on the show gets sick. And, fans become very worried about him. After all, he’s not a spring chicken these days. Recall, in October last year, he passed out in a Starbucks and ended up in a hospital. Fortunately, it was only low blood sugar. But, for a bit, his many fans prayed for him.

Howie Mandel is loved by many people as he is kind and he seems very fair with nervous contestants on America’s Got Talent. So, people sent in their thoughts when he told them he missed an episode because of covid. But then, talk turned to his shocking deleted TikTok.

Howie Mandel Posts Yuck Video

Because the video disappeared off TikTok, it was shared on Reddit. Caution is advised if you watch it. It actually shows something gross hanging out of someone’s rectum. Known as a prolapse, it happens when the bowel protrudes and hangs outside the body.

Over there, folks who felt queasy went back to Twitter to talk about Howie Mandel. Many of them on both sites wondered what they just watched. And, almost all of them regretted the experience.

Howie Mandel AGT tiktok video
America’s Got Talent / YouTube

Actually, if you follow the AGT judge, it’s not all that much out of character.

Related To COVID?

Perhaps Howie Mandel is one of those people who worry that almost every reported illness might be covid-related. For some reason, he actually wondered out loud if it was. Of course, a prolapsed anus is not likely to be related to the disease. But, some folks wondered if he might spark new rumors about the pandemic.

There’s plenty of speculation and some fake news circulating on social media about the side effects of vaccines etc. Naturally, the emergence of the Monkey Pox also has people a little bit concerned.

Well, as it can happen to almost anyone, folks can probably relax a bit.

What are your thoughts about the shocking video that he shared? Do you think it was way too graphic for TikTok? Should Howie be a bit more careful about what he reveals on social media? Shout out your thoughts in the comments below.

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