I Love A Mama’s Boy: What Does Matt McAdams Really Need? Fans Speak Out

 I Love A Mama’s Boy: What Does Matt McAdams Really Need? Fans Speak OutI Love A Mama’s Boy Matt McAdams is dating again after last season’s split from his fiancé, Kim Cobb. Kim tried to hang in with Matt until she got fed up with his mother, Kelly McAdams, and took a job in Houston, TX. Kelly tagging along with Matt on his trip to Texas to see Kim was the last straw. Is Matt truly looking for a woman or is his mom all he needs?
I Love A Mama’s Boy Spoilers: Matt McAdams Lets His Mom Run Over His Girlfriends

I Love A Mama’s Boy Matt allowed his mother Kelly to run over his girlfriend Kim until she broke them up. Now Matt has a new girlfriend named Brittany and Kelly is determined to get rid of her too. Matt’s refusal to stay up for his girlfriends has fans asking if he really wants another woman. Kelly even admitted to being crazy when she was ripping out a small shrub that was obstructing her view of Matt’s house. Kelly is going beyond crazy recently.

Does Matt McAdams Really Want A Girlfriend?

Some I Love A Mama’s Boy fans believe that Matt needs to be honest with himself. Fans don’t believe that Matt would let his mother run roughshod over his girlfriends if he truly wanted to be with a woman. After all, look at some of the activities he and his mother do together. Men do not normally go to a spa for couples’ massages with their mothers. Fans honestly believe that Matt isn’t being honest about his sexuality and wonder if he is truly gay instead. Of course, that is based on speculation because of some of his responses to things his mother does.

 I Love A Mama’s Boy: What Does Matt McAdams Really Need? Fans Speak Out

Matt McAdams Is Happy With His Mother

I love A Mama’s Boy Matt seems completely happy to be around his mother and no one else. Matt prefers his mother’s opinion of his home. Matt would rather go out with his mother. Matt takes his mother to pick out things for his girlfriends. Once Matt even bought his mother a robe identical to the one he got his fiancé.

Matt and Kim once had an issue over something as simple as a doggy door because his mother didn’t want it installed. Matt’s mother also had to have a room in his house even though she lives right beside him.
In all honesty, Matt is not ready to cut the apron strings and seems to be perfectly happy without a girlfriend. Will Matt ever find someone that his mother approves of?

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  1. Ann Hardaway says

    Most dysfunctional relationship I’ve ever seen. Kelly needs mental help because she honestly acts like she wants to be with her own son. DISGUSTING. Matt Wing even protect his girlfriends from his mother and I don’t know maybe he did have some kind of strange thing going with his mother. They both are severely mental.

    1. Que Sera says

      Matt is mentally messed up but it is probably because the controlling, obsessive and downright proudly mean and conniving mother totally messed him up. He looks more like his father but he has the mental issues like his mother and probably because of the mother. What does the father do? I wonder if he stays with the evil wife because she has the money. I think Matt is maybe gay or probably bi and not just because of how he acts on camera. Something his mother said and now what Brittany said on the next episode convinced me. So what is going to happen with this new older woman girlfriend?

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