Sister Wives: The Real Reasons Why Fans Hate Robyn

Sister Wives: The Real Reasons Why Fans Hate RobynFans of the popular TLC show, Sister Wives have always shown contempt for Robyn Brown. Her arrival into the family came with a lot of adjustments that many fans were not happy with.

At first, Robyn’s first impression was a good one. She looked like a sweet and supportive person. However, things went sour when fans saw her true colors. So when did they turn on her? Keep reading to find out.

Robyn’s Character Continues To be Mooted By Fans

As It turns out, when Robyn first stepped into the scene, some fans were skeptical about her. Many of them saw Robyn as an outside threat. And they were right because the family that was once together had now separated. 

This issue was discussed by many fans of the show on Reddit. One user said that things began to change when the first wife, Meri Brown, chose to legally divorce her husband, Kody Brown so he could marry Robyn. 

This was because he wanted to adopt Robyn’s children and he couldn’t do it unless they were married.

I never really liked her but I started disliking her more after she was mad Janelle and Christine didn’t want to help with MSWC. And even more, when she was mad Meri was going to college because she was supposed to be her nanny. The special treatment she received (and gladly accepted) was the icing on the cake,” one user said.

Sister Wives: The Real Reasons Why Fans Hate Robyn

“For me, it started with the kiss. It’s disrespectful of the sister wives. And then to giggle about breaking the courting rules everyone else was expected to follow. Solidified at the wedding dress shopping,” another user added.

“She constantly talked about having a relationship with her sister wives but it was obviously she really wasn’t interested in that. She played the game well from day 1 and manipulated the situation in favor of herself and her kids. She’s an even bigger s**t bag than Kody, IMO,” another user said.

So, what do you think of the reactions from fans? What’s your reason for not liking Robyn? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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  1. Stephanie renae says

    Kody and Robin belong to each other because they both master manipulator’s we will see what Robin thinks when he gets him a young pretty thing. Robin is getting a a little long in the tooth she wasn’t never the prettiest and Kody will get another wife and then Robin will see how the other women were disrespected and throwed away like yesterday’s thrash. Ba ha haha

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