1000 Lb Sisters Spoilers: Why Amy Considers Her Kids To Be Miracles

1000 Lb Sisters Spoilers: Why Amy Considers Her Kids To Be Miracles1000 Lb. Sisters spoilers reveal that Amy Slaton-Halterman isn’t a bit shy about referring to her sons as miracles. There was a time when Amy never thought she would have children at all. Now that Amy has the children she always wanted, she is very content.

Amy Halterman Had Lost Hope

1000 Lb. Sisters spoilers suggest Amy Halterman had all but given up hope of having children. When Amy was first introduced to the audience she tipped the scales at 406 lbs. However, by the end of the first season, Amy had done what she needed to get approved for weight loss surgery.

Amy had her surgery and was advised to wait two years before getting pregnant. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen as Amy was pregnant after four months. Amy and Michael Halterman welcomed their son, Gage Halterman, in 2020 after a few medical issues. Amy had thought she was in premature labor at one point after eating Chinese food.

1000 Lb Sisters Spoilers: Amy Halterman’s Second Pregnancy

Gage wasn’t very old when Amy and Michael announced that she was pregnant again. The couple made this announcement on New Year’s Eve this year. Glenn Halterman was born on July 5, 2022. Amy had originally stated that she wanted two children and wanted them to be close in age.

In Amy’s eyes, her children are indeed miracles because she was told that she couldn’t have one child at one time. Now Amy has two children that are truly her miracles. Amy is grateful for both of her children. Amy credits her weight loss surgery for her ability to have children.

1000 Lb Sisters Spoilers: Why Amy Considers Her Kids To Be Miracles

1000 Lb. Sisters Spoilers: Amy Halterman Love Being A Mom

Amy loves being a mom and has been sharing news about her boys from birth. Of course, Gage was also quite fond of his aunt Tammy Slaton as well. Amy tries to offer updates almost daily now that she has two sons. Gage also seems to have taken to the role of big brother very well. Amy recently did a one-month photo shoot showing Glenn in different situations.

TLC has not announced if there would be a new season of 1000 Lb. Sisters. Amy has expressed that she might not return if the show was renewed because she doesn’t want to take time away from the boys. However, fans are certainly interested in learning what has happened with Tammy and her stint in rehab.

If the show is renewed, will Amy return part-time and allow one of the other siblings to take a more active role in the series? Will the show be renewed at all? Keep checking back for updates.

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