‘90 Day Fiancé’ Star Emily Bieberly Shares Thoughts About Her Engagement Ring

‘90 Day Fiancé’ Star Emily Bieberly Shares Thoughts About Her Engagement Ring90 Day Fiancé spoilers, news, and updates tease that Emily expressed her thought about the ring which Kobe gave her.

Emily Bieberly joined the TLC show when she made her way to China to work as an English teacher, then she met the love of her life, the underwear model, Kobe Blaise, during one of her club night outs. Their romance seemed to strike them immediately that they ended up having an intimate night inside the club’s shower, and things started to get serious since then until they got engaged. Four weeks later, the couple found out that Emily is pregnant.

The moment Emily knew about the bun in her oven, she went home to the United States without Kobe since his K-1 visa has not yet been approved due to the pandemic. Now that Kobe finally got the visa in his hands, he immediately took a trip to the US and finally meet Emily after almost two years of being away from each other as well as their son, Koban.

Emily Bieberly Appreciates Kobe’s Ring

In the previous episodes of “90 Day Fiancé,” Emily was seen purchasing her own ring as she thought that her boyfriend cannot afford the one she deserves. However, in one of her recent social media posts, the Kansas resident shared the love she has for the ring that Kobe gave her. “The ring I bought (and returned) doesn’t even compare to the one Kobe chose for me,” she wrote.

Fans filled the comment section with positive words, wishing the couple a great partnership. One fan commented, “You were blessed with a great guy! Beautiful ring.” An Instagram user said, “Yes, he did a great job. Kobe’s ring is gorgeous.” Another one chimed in, “I totally agree. Wishing you guys love and peace.”

‘90 Day Fiancé’ Star Emily Bieberly Shares Thoughts About Her Engagement Ring

Emily Bieberly Gives Weight Loss Update After Giving Birth

In her latest Instagram stories, the TLC star updated her fans with her weight loss after welcoming her second child. She revealed that she has lost 18 pounds, dropping three inches in her waist and some areas of her body. As she was loving her weight progress, Emily decided to focus on dieting.

She promised her followers to document the processes as much as she can until she will achieve her desired weight. In terms of her eating habits, the mother-of-two wanted to become stricter and eat healthily. She also plans to post a before-and-after photo of her body in the future.

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