Are Welcome To Plathville Stars Clapping Back At TLC’s Editing?

Are Welcome To Plathville Stars Clapping Back At TLC’s Editing?Welcome To Plathville fans who care about the traumatic split between Barry and Kim Plath have barely had time to wipe the tears from their eyes, and it seems like some cast members already clap back at TLC editing. Of course, they could just be setting up another storyline for the fifth season. So, what is going on?

Welcome To Plathville Season 4 Brought A Lot Of Drama

Front and center sat Kim Plath who seemed to have lost her mind and dashed off into a future life without Barry. Obviously, a lot of fans agree that raising so many kids must have been difficult, and they sympathized with her wanting her life back. Meanwhile, others slammed her for ditching the kids and then deciding she wanted them to live with her after all. Well, Lydia didn’t seem too keen on buying into that idea.

Welcome To Plathville fans know that the divorce seems for real, but some folks speculated that Barry and Kim might make up. In the meantime, folks already wonder who might end up getting the farm. Well, if Olivia has her way, it’s not likely to be Ethan as she wants to stay far from his mom. Of course, Olivia also got her fair share of criticism this season, and so far, she hasn’t shared the same message about editing as Moriah, Lydia, Micah, and Isaac.

Welcome To Plathville – The  Message About TLC’s Editing

On Friday, August 5, Micah, Lydia, Moriah, and Isaac all shared the same post on Instagram. Unfortunately, they all locked their messages for comments. On the surface of it, it looks like the four young adults decided to team up and fight the division in their family. However, a line about TLC’s editing points to something else. Did the network blow Barry and Kim’s divorce up for more drama?

The Welcome To Plathville kids talked about understanding that “this is a TV show.” Additionally, it mentioned, “we are not in control [of] how the show is edited.”  That could be a way of slamming TLC. Actually, the second slide of the message seemed to confirm it.

Welcome To Plathville Stars Clapping Back At TLC Editing
Lydia Plath / Instagram

As you can see, the post went on and clearly revealed some unhappiness about the finale where Olivia and Kim clashed over Ethan’s credit card and money,

Editing Clap Back Or New Storyline?

The next two slides posted by the Welcome To Plathville stars seem to suggest that somehow, to protect the little kids, the family will fight to stay together. Of course, that could set up a new season. But there are still traces of unhappiness about the editing in Season 4.

Moriah Lydia Micah Isaac Message
Moriah Isaac – Micah Plath / Instagram

Is this a setup for a fifth season of the show? Or is it goodbye to TLC? What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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