Bad Hair Day: Details About TLC’s Newest Medical Show

Bad Hair Day: Details About TLC's Newest Medical ShowBad Hair Day spoilers reveal that there is a new show about patients who have too little hair or excessive hair on their bodies. No matter what the case, they are seeking medical advice on how to get rid of it or how to grow more. TLC has now added this show to their line up and fans are curious as to what it’s all about.

An Interesting New Medical Series

Bad Hair Day focuses on three doctors who treat their patients with severe hair conditions. These cases involve unwanted hair growth, alopecia, and psoriasis. It premiered on TLC this week and so far it has gotten pretty good reviews. One of the doctors, Dr. Angie Phipps is a hair restoration surgeon in Raleigh, North Carolina.

She, along with Dr. Meena Singh and Dr. Isha Lopez, will be featured in six episodes. Dr. Phipps will be seen trying to help her patients with hair loss. She takes cases from all over the country and specializes in restoration surgery that transplants hair from elsewhere on the body to areas affected by balding and hair loss.

Back in 2020, Phipps got a call from TLC who was very interested in the work she was doing. At first, she thought the phone calls were all a scam and when they kept calling, she decided to take it seriously. Finally, she took the call again and the producers explained further what they were interested in. Her personality and cutting-edge procedures are what sealed the deal for her. She has treated many different disorders including hair loss because of burns, male pattern baldness or trichotillomania, and autoimmune diseases.

Bad Hair Day: Details About TLC's Newest Medical Show

The Other Doctors

Kansas medical doctor, Dr. Meena Singh will also be featured on this new show. She is a dermatologist who also focuses on hair loss. She has focused on many patients who have alopecia and we will see one of her patients suffering from traction alopecia. She points out that 1 out of 3 black women does suffer from this condition and she is focused on helping her patients find their strength again when they begin to lose their hair. “When the hair goes, it seems like everything else goes as far as confidence”, she tells the cameras.

These doctors are ready to show viewers how hard it can be on a person who has too much hair or not enough. This is not an easy profession, but we will get a chance to see their best work.

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