Counting On: Is Freddy Dillard The Spitting Image Of Sam?

Counting On: Is Freddy Dillard The Spitting Image Of Sam?Counting On alum Jill and her husband Derick welcomed Freddy Dillard just shy of one month ago. Fortunately, she hasn’t yet insisted on keeping his face hidden. So, TLC fans who see photos of the new addition can compare him to his brothers. Is he the spitting image of Israel? Or does he take after his brother Sam? We found some comparison photos for you to decide.

Counting On – Freddy Dillard Photos Keep Fans Happy

Back in February, the TLC alums announced that they expected their third son. He’s a rainbow baby, so fans agree that Freddy seems particularly special. Already, photos emerge that reveal Israel and Sam spend time in the nursery bonding with their new sibling. Followers who watched the boys grow up see two very sweet kids and they often compliment Jill and Derick on their parenting skills.

Counting On fans felt bad for Jill and Derick because Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar didn’t make a fuss about another grandchild coming along. However, they know that the couple became estranged from her parents. Even before Josh Duggar’s trial, Jill placed boundaries for her own mental health. For now, fans can only assume that his grandparents might have met Freddy.

Counting On Kids At One Month Old

On August 5, Jill posted up a photo of Freddy Dillard. At just one-month-old, he looks very cute. Actually, Derick clearly has very strong genes as it seems that this baby might look a lot like him. As Israel grows older he seems to start resembling his dad more and more.

Meanwhile, fans agree that Sam also bears a strong resemblance to his dad. In the post that Jill shared, one TLC fan asked if she’d yet put up comparison photos of Sam and Freddy. Well, she hadn’t but she said that she probably will get around to it. So, we found photos of all the kids at one month old.

Counting On Is Freddy Dillard The Spitting Image Of Sam
Jill Dillard / Instagram

While most Counting On fans who commented on the photo of Freddy thought he was the spitting image of Sam, there are some features that he seems to share with Israel.

Spitting Image Baby?

Counting On fans thought that Sam and his baby brother look a lot alike. However, all three kids have that distinctive little button nose. Meanwhile, Sam and his baby brother definitely seem to share the same hands and gestures.

Apart from the fact that Sam looked a bit chubbier than Freddy, perhaps they are a lot closer in looks than Israel. What do you think? Is Freddy Dillard a little Sam clone? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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