Is Little People Big World Alum Jeremy Buying Into Bug Burgers?

 Is Little People Big World Alum Jeremy Buying Into Bug Burgers?Little People Big World alum Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey bought their own farm and it seems to suit his nature completely. Raised on a farm, he seems way more comfortable in a country setting than anywhere near a city. From his Instagram stories this week, he probably won’t be breeding meal worms for bug burgers.

Little People Big World – Life On The Farm With Jermey & Audrey

When the news arrived that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff found their own farm, they both seemed very excited. Of course, TLC fans know that they always wanted their own place. However, Matt wouldn’t sell to him. These days, he’s busy with projects, but also takes time out to just enjoy himself.

Little People Big World Alum Jeremy Buying Into Bug Burgers
Jeremy Roloff / Instagram Stories

Little People Big World fans know that Ember, Bode, and little Radley will probably live a wonderful life on the farm. Maybe Jeremy will take the kids fishing and camping. Or, if they go that way, horse riding. A nice big fire with steaks grilling under the stars sounds like a great way to bond with dad.

Little People Big World – Jeremy Roloff Is A Beef Lover

This week, Jeremy took to his Instagram stories and revealed a box that looked like it might contain hunting equipment. In his caption for the Leupold product, he wrote, “First year going for big game.” Then he went off into the countryside and made a big fire. Next, he shared two photos of a beef liver product, and said. “they’ve become a go-to for me.”

Some Little People Big World fans might shudder about eating the organ of an animal. However, liver is supposede to be really good for people. And, it’s not illegal to eat it. Meanwhile, for some people, the idea of eating bug burgers is pretty gross, and yet, sales are happening more these days. Did you know that the first European bug burgers were sold in Switzerland back in 2017?

Bug Burgers Might Kill Demand For Beef

Jeremy is in a position to influence Little People Big World fans when it comes to diet. But, as he’s shouting out beef liver, maybe he really isn’t into buying food made from bugs. One day in the future, if there are any cattle left to graze in paddocks, they might just be in safari-style parks. At least, that’s the way the world seems to be trending right now.

Have you tried out any of the new bug burger brands? Will we ever see Jeremy Roloff shout out insect-based snacks? What are the odds? Shout out your thoughts in the comments below.

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