Married At First Sight 15 Spoilers: First Impressions

Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight spoilers and updates tease that the five couples have walked down the aisle and MAFS fans’ first impressions are here! Stacia and Nate, Alexis and Justin, Lindy and Miguel, Krysten and Mitch, Binh and Morgan were matched and on their way to their honeymoon destination.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Surprise Debt, Mama’s Boy, And Day Trading

The Issue of Lindy’s student debt came up and MAFS fans feel like she handled it like a pro, even though Miguel’s sister was a little harsh, making a comment about her being after her brother for his money, considering that they had only been married for a day. Lindy explained herself really well and insisted that she is going to be paying her debts all by herself. Good on her because it would be really unfair to throw that on Miguel.

Some fans are laughing at Bing because he is a mama’s boy, but he is very sincere, genuine, and seems like a kind person. He is a good match and hopefully, Morgan sees that.

Nate and Stacia are getting a lot of positive feedback on first impressions, “I’ve liked Nate from the very beginning and I like him even more seeing him being so authentic with Stacia’s family. To be a successful full-time day trader you have to be very motivated financially and committed to spending a lot of time doing your research. I love his quiet confidence and emotional accessibility with Stacia. I think they are one of the best-matched couples I’ve seen so far,” and “he’s acknowledged his past shady endeavors and seems very happy to have been matched with Stacia. I’m rooting for them.” There was that moment at the bachelor party, Nate’s behavior was horrible, but it was taped for TV and production probably gave him the can of whipped cream.

Married At First Sight Updates – I Like Your Mom

When Krysten’s mom walked down the aisle, Mitch was so attracted to her that he asked the officiator if she was his wife. Since then, there has been more flirting with mommy than with Krysten.

Alexis and Justin were adorable getting married, he seems so happy to have someone. He will definitely give it 100% but MAFS fans hope that Alexis doesn’t get bored with him and break his heart. Alexis wants to be chased and wooed, Justin better run fast!

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  1. […] Mitch is at the alter and sees a woman walking down, it is Krysten’s mother, he turns to the officiator and says, “is that my wife?” Fast forward to the reception and the day after the wedding, Mitch is flirting with mom and pretty much uninterested in wifey when she is “all made up.” […]

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