Married At First Sight 15 Spoilers: Sex, Lies And Therapy

Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight spoilers and updates tease that season 15 has all the couples still on their honeymoon. Morgan and Binh had a late start because of COVID, but they have now joined the other couples in Mexico.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Sex & Lies

Krysten has some time with the other women and tells them that Mitch told her over a romantic dinner, that he was lacking a spark when it came to being attracted to her. They continued to eat strawberries, Margaritas, and Tequilla and when they got to their room, he pounced on her and wanted to have sex, but she put the brakes on it. Now she says, being intimate with each other is going to be on her terms and not his.

Morgan confides in Binh that she had one course left on her Bachelor of Science in nursing. He got in his mind that she is not a nurse yet and lied to the experts. Binh went behind her back and told Justin. It blows her mind that she told him openly and he actually told Justin that she was lying. He says he is sorry, he and Justin were talking about their relationships and giving each other advice. She tells him that she is frustrated and he broke her trust. The person she thought Binh was, he is not. He didn’t put her first and have her back. She is crying and says she is pissed with him. Later, Binh tells Justin that Morgan is upset with him, she feels like she was stabbed in the game by his telling him about the course that she was missing. He admits to Justin that he overreacted. Justin gives him some advice on how to mend things with Morgan, and he is there for him.

Married At First Sight Updates – Therapy

Nate and Stacia try to enjoy a picnic, he tells her that he is simple and they don’t need to do everything extravagant every day. She says in her past she has been very intimidating to men. After her last relationship, she needed to have therapy and now she knows who she is and what she wants. She asks him if he would be willing to go to therapy to get the tools to be a successful couple. He says yes, and he agrees.

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