Married At First Sight 15 Spoilers: The Feuds And Threats Begin

Married AT First Sight

Married At First Sight spoilers and updates tease that there is already trouble in paradise coming for the five couples who got matched and married at first sight; Stacia and Nate, Alexis and Justin, Lindy and Miguel, Morgan, and Binh, Krysten and Mitch.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – The Honeymoon

The couples enjoyed some sand and sun in Mexico where some of the red flags started to surface.

Mitch tells Krysten that he was not feeling physical intimacy with her, and he definitely could have chosen a different scenario than a romantic dinner for two on their honeymoon. Krysten, remained calm with her head held high and told him that if there was no intimacy prior to Decision Day, she would be asking for a divorce. In a preview to a later episode, Krysten admits that they did consummate the marriage, so hopefully they make it past Decision Day.

Justin told Alexis that he loved her two days into being married to her. At first, Alexis nervously laughed, which made Justin cry. He said that he fell in love with her when he saw her at the altar. Some MAFS fans think Justin is desperate because he was celibate for two years, but others believe it really could happen, love at first sight. Alexis seemed a little overwhelmed by it all, she said she just met him and it was too much for her. And, what comes with all that love, Justin becomes controlling and relationship advisor DeVon Franklin weighs in, “You’re not gonna have a happy marriage if you control who talks to her, when, how, and where.” Wow, feel bad for Justin, he is really a nice guy, but definitely looks like when he falls for a woman he falls hard.

Stacia finds out that Nate filed for bankruptcy so she proceeds to tell him that she wants a prenup to protect her assets. Nate says, “damn, you don’t have faith in your boy?”

There definitely is a lot of drama coming to season 15. Which couples do you think will make it past Decision Day?

Married At First Sight Updates – Trust Issues And Ultimatums

Binh tells Morgan that the thing he wanted private isn’t and she broke his trust because he trusted her by telling her. Later, we see Dr. Pia Halec weigh in and she tells Binh, “you were pretty vindictive, like trying to get people to turn against her. What’s that about?” There seems to be a lot more to this story than Morgan just breaking Binh’s trust.

Justin has been pretty much trying to have sex with Lindy since they arrived in Mexico, but she keeps putting him off and saying they need to get to know each other more. Then, Lindy tells Justin and Alexis that Miguel gave her an ultimatum, eight weeks. Later Lindy says it sounds like a threat and Miguel says, “That s— doesn’t fly ever. You don’t talk to me like that.”

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  1. […] Morgan confides in Binh that she had one course left on her Bachelor of Science in nursing. She is not a nurse yet, she told the experts that she was and it was something that he wanted to keep private. Binh went behind her back and told Justin that she lied and is not a nurse, who in turn told Alexis. Morgan is justifiably upset and says the person she thought Binh was, is not, he broke her trust, and she doesn’t know him. Later, Morgan confides in the girls and says usually when this happens in a relationship, she walks. […]

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