My 600-Lb. Life: Dr. Now Hints At New Season

 My 600-Lb. Life: Dr. Now Hints At New SeasonMy 600-Lb. Life spoilers and updates tease that fans may finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the show is returning for another season. Dr. Nowzardan announced that My 600-Lb. Life will be back for season 11.

Dr. Now announced that the show would be returning with new episodes soon. Not much has been revealed yet, so fans will just have to stay tuned for further updates.
My 600-Lb. Life follows the story of individuals who are struggling to live their lives because of morbid obesity. The patients reach out to Dr. Now for help. The latter is a licensed medical doctor who offers bariatric surgery to qualified patients.

Dr. Now places his patients under an intense weight loss program to help them prepare for surgery and the major changes that come after the procedure. He has helped many obese patients in and out of the show.

Who is David Nelson?

One of Dr. Now’s patients is David Nelson. The Idaho native was introduced to the show in February 2022. Nelson suffered abuse when he was in the foster care system. He constantly worried about when his next meal would come, and this has led him to develop a habit of overeating. He reached 250 pounds when he was in middle school.
He met a loving foster mom at the age of 17. Robin tried to help him live a healthy life. But Nelson turned to food as he struggled with suicidal thoughts, and his weight reached 800 pounds. Nelson was still mobile, but he and Robin knew that it’ll be much worse if they don’t seek professional help.

The pair went to Texas to look for Dr. Now. After their consultation, Nelson was asked to lose weight over the next month. He failed to fulfill his task and even gained 38 pounds more. He went through psychotherapy, and with much help, he lost 155 pounds. He made positive changes in his life, both mentally and physically, as we waited for his operation.

 My 600-Lb. Life: Dr. Now Hints At New Season

Where is David Nelson Now?

Nelson continues to be mobile, and he created a GoFundMe campaign a few months back for the repair of his van, which he’s using to travel to Texas for his weight loss program. It was also revealed that he needed financial assistance so he could move into a new home in Texas.

He’s been active on social media, posting photos about his travels. He’s also updating his followers by sharing photos of his meals and the new Fitbit he recently received. Fans were happy to see that Nelson is working hard to live a healthier life and they turned to the comment section to shower him with messages of support and well wishes.

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