My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: Why Fans Question Whitney Way Thore’s Relationship

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: Why Fans Question Whitney Way Thore's RelationshipMy Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers reveal that no matter what Whitney Way Thore has said about her relationship with the Frenchman, fans are not quite sure that she is in it for the long run. Fans have noticed that the way she acts around her ex, Lennie Alehat makes her look as if she is single again. Her actions are pretty questionable to fans right now.

Hiring Lennie

When Whitney decided to hire Lennie to help her with her company, No BS Active, her fans were shocked. He is helping her with her fitness videos, but the way that they act toward one another makes Whitney seem like she is single. Although Lennie likes to work for her and it finds it fun, the chemistry that they have toward one another is a little unnerving, especially for someone who claims to be madly in love with her French beau.

Fans really began to question Whitney when she was taking a nap and Lennie came into her room. Not only that, he jumped in the bed with her and she was naked! At first, she seemed really upset about it, but then she asked him for a back scratch. Fans thought that this was very strange, again, for a woman who is in a relationship. Lennie told her that he saw nothing wrong with it and then they started to talk about boundaries.

Hints about Her Relationship

When Lennie climbed into bed with Whitney, her father ended up walking in on them too. Whitney mentioned that she was happy her boyfriend wasn’t around to see this happening, but when her father heard this, he said, “I didn’t know you had a boyfriend.” The Lennie said, “It’s not real if it’s long distance.” This seemed really weird to see and fans were shocked to hear her father say that.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: Why Fans Question Whitney Way Thore's Relationship

From the looks of it, there are many hints that Whitney doesn’t seem to take her relationship that seriously with her French beau. Hopefully, she will begin to see that she is dating someone and perhaps it wasn’t a good idea to hire Lennie.

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