Seeking Sister Wife Fans Feel Disappointed By Christeline

Seeking Sister Wife Fans Feel Disappointed By ChristelineSeeking Sister Wife star Christeline Petersen appeared in Season 3 of the show with Ashley and Dimitri Snowden. TLC fans applauded her when she accused them of abusive behavior, but now, many of them feel a bit disappointed. After all, it looks like she hangs with the Epps family from season 4.

Seeking Sister Wife – What Happened With Christeline?

When Christeline accused Dimitri and Ashley Snowden, no charges were ever pressed as there was insufficient evidence to back her story. However, none of them returned for season 4 of the TLC show. Most fans believed the allegations, because Tayler Monique, another girlfriend involved, seemed to support Christeline. Spoilers later merged that Dimitri and Ashley separated.

In the meantime, Seeking Sister Wife star Christeline went very quiet on social media. Upon her return, she claimed that it was due to an NDA with TLC. Subsequent to that, fans met Marcus Epps and his family. And, they do not like him much as he’s been involved in several alleged scandals.  Apparently, some records indicate domestic violence charges.

Seeking Sister Wife Rumors Star About The Epps Family

Several influencers on social media identified the fact that Christeline seems very closely involved with the Epps family. On  August 1, the SW TLC channel on YouTube mentioned it. Additionally, on August 2, Sarah Howes from Realitea Squad posted up about it the next day. In her caption, Sarah said, “Christeline keeps popping up in the Epps family insta stories 👀.”

Seeking Sister Wife Fans Feel Disappointed By Christeline
Christeline via Realiteasquad / Instagram

Seeking Sister Wife fans mostly expressed surprise when they saw the post. Of course, some people who don’t keep up with the TLC show were not even sure who the Epps family is. However, others had a bit of trouble recalling Christeline. Meanwhile, those in the know seemed a bit shocked about it.

Disappointed TLC Fans

Seeking Sister Wife fans were not happy about the association between the Epps and Dimitri’s former lover.  One of them said in the comments of Sarah’s post, “She could do so much better. Marcus is so gross.”

Another fan opined, “yikes…thought she had good intentions I really liked her and her beautiful kids.”

Certainly, itseems that fans don’t judge her for polygamy. After all, she never denied her interest in it. However, the main problem seems to be the sort of family that she is interested in. At least, people think she is. There’s no knowing if anything comes of this. But perhaps, it might lead to seeing more of her if season 5 comes along.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that things might get serious between the season 3 and season 4 stars? Or, is it possible that they met at a TLC function and just became friends? Sound off in the comments below.

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