sMothered Spoilers: Let’s Meet Francia Pena and Paula Contento

sMothered Spoilers: Let’s Meet Francia Pena and Paula ContentosMothered spoilers reveal that with the new season here, fans are happy to learn more about the mother-daughter duos. One of these duos is Francia Pena and her daughter, Paula Contento. These two have a very tight-knit relationship and they are the first Latinas to be on the show.

Being Nude is Normal

Paula and Francia both have admitted that they have a very strong bond with one another. This bond is so strong, in fact, that they will do pretty much anything together and do it naked. They have naked tickle fights daily and they will even sleep naked together. They have dance parties at their house naked and they love to go to the club together.

These two still live together and they do anything that they can together. When they go out together, many of their friends think that they should be out with people their own age, but they love one another’s company. There is no one else they would rather hang out with. Francia still acts like a kid and Paula seems to have stepped up to be more of the mature mother figure in their relationship.

What’s On This Season?

In the trailer for the new season of the show, we will find out more about these two. TLC wrote, “While Francia’s youthful spirit makes her act like a kid, Paula shoulders the responsibility of making sure that her mother is properly fed and always has a packed lunch.

sMothered Spoilers: Let’s Meet Francia Pena and Paula Contento

An only child, Paula’s possessiveness over her mother reaches new extremes when she learns that Francia is planning to adopt her niece from Columbia, which leads Paula to put an elaborate plan into motion to derail her journey and keep her at home under her thumb.”

There is going to be a lot of drama between these two and we are really looking forward to seeing the tension that builds between these two and seeing just what happens when things change in their lives.

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