sMothered Spoilers: Meet the Cast: Cher and Dawn Hubsher

sMothered Spoilers: Meet the Cast: Cher and Dawn HubshersMothered spoilers reveal that fans want to know a lot more about the new mother-daughter duos. One of these duos is Cher and Dawn Hubsher. You may recognize them from another reality show, MTV’s My Super Sweet 16.

Who Are They?

Cher is married to her college sweetheart, Jared and they live in New York. She has been a professional cheerleader, runs her own boutique in New York City, and is a registered nurse. Her mother, Dawn, has three children and works at her husband’s dental practice. The two of them have a website together and it shares that Dawn also does a lot of charity work when she isn’t working with her husband. They have also written a book together called, ‘A Bond that Lasts Forever.’

These two are incredibly close and even in their books, it says “We have a very close familial bond and although no relationship is perfect, we decided to write a book that details our life and tips we believe truly do work to receive the type of connection you specifically want. Every bond is unique and we know that ours may seem a little crazy at times, but no matter what, we have each other’s back and that will never change.”

Expectations for Season Four

Cher and Dawn love to spend time together, dress alike, and share as much as possible. Jared, Cher’s husband, had to move the family to New York so that he could finish his residency, but now they are back in Florida and closer to Dawn. This is an issue for Jared because his job is in Miami and Dawn wants them to be back in Tampa. This may cause some serious issues.

sMothered Spoilers: Meet the Cast: Cher and Dawn Hubsher

On the show, we will see just how close Dawn and Cher are and we will get a chance to see if Jared will move them to Tampa or will they stay in Miami. The pressure is on for him to make his wife and his mother-in-law happy.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with sMothered right now. Come back here often for sMothered spoilers, news, and updates.

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