sMothered Spoilers: Why Lisa Kimball Wanted to Artificially Inseminate her Daughter, Lauren

sMOthered-Lisa and Lauren Kimball-1sMothered spoilers reveal that the new mother-daughter duos have done some crazy things with one another. The newest trailer for the show gives us a little more information on Lisa and Lauren Kimball. They were on the show last season and they even tried to carry out a secret at-home insemination to try and get Lauren pregnant!

The Closeness of These Two

Lauren is now pregnant and it does seem as if these two are closer than ever. Lauren’s wife, Laure Leigh is very upset about the bond that her wife has with her mother. She has tried her best to put boundaries in their relationship and has told her wife that she doesn’t think that she should be taking baths with her mom or having sleepovers with her.

She doesn’t like the fact that they are so close and they even get naked together. She doesn’t think that this is a functional relationship and wants it to stop.

There is now a serious rivalry between Laura Leigh and Lisa and it has put Lauren in the middle of it. We will see more of the drama in this season of the show and things will even begin to escalate.

sMOthered-Lisa and Lauren Kimball-1

Lisa and Lauren: Who Are They?

Lauren is currently working as a relationship consultant and Lisa works with her husband, Kenny at BOE-TEL Communications. Lauren and Laura Leigh got married back in 2018 and Laura Leigh does not like how involved Lisa is with her marriage. The insemination process was even kept from Laura Leigh and this has really put a strain on things.

Laura Leigh and Lauren want to continue to build their family together and it does seem as if Lisa is trying to butt into their marriage and this season may strain the women more than they think. We are excited to see what happens and if Lisa can take these new boundaries with her daughter.

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