Teen Mom Alum Jace Evans Celebrated A Birthday – Grows Up In Pictures

Teen Mom Alum Jace Evans Celebrated A Birthday - Grows Up In PicturesWhen Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans lost her job with MTV, fans felt really sad because they wouldn’t see Jace Evans on the show anymore. Actually, they hoped that Barbs, Jenelle’s mom might continue with Jace, as she raised him. However, the network decided against it. Fortunately, fans still see photos of him on Instagram.

Teen Mom Alum Jace Evans Gave Fans A Big Fright

Born on August 2, 2009, in 2011, MTV fans feared for his safety, and not for the first time. Actually, much like her ex-colleague Farrah Abraham, critics look for opportunities to slam David Eason and his wife for parenting dangerously. In fact, just a few days ago, she took flak for taking the kids up the Beacon Heights Trail in North Carolina. So, some people felt that they could have fallen over the edge of a cliff.

Fans of Teen Mom know very well that Barbs raises Jace most of the time. However, despite clashing about custody, his mom does get to see him quite often on The Land. However, if an accident was any worse, 11 years ago, Jace might have a different life. Long-term MTV fans probably recall that Jenelle crashed into a post in a parking area. While she ended up hospitalized, her two-year-old son only suffered minor injuries.

Teen Mom Photos Revealed How Jace Changed

When his mom shared photos of Jace recently, the family was on vacation. Of course, since his birth, he acquired some half-siblings. The young teen seems to get along well with Ensley, David Eason’s daughter, and his other daughter, Maryssa, Same goes for Kaiser, the son of Nathan Griffith. As you can see below, these days Jace Evans is slightly taller than his mom. The photo was taken shortly before his 13th birthday.

Teen Mom Alum Jace Celebrates A Birthday - What You Need To Know
Jenelle Evans / Instagram

Teen Mom fans feel some propriety over Jace, as they literally watched him grow up on their screens. Probably, you’re aware that his dad Andrew Lewis never really had anything to do with his on. At least, until 2019 when he suddenly decided he wanted to see him. How could he turn his back on such a cute baby boy?

Jenelle Baby Jace
Via Fan Pop

Despite the couple vowing on 16 and Pregnant that they would be together forever, he disappeared, and later, it emerged that he married  Cindy Becker. Additionally, they raise their son, Jacob. Fans don’t know if Jacob sees his half-brother, Jace.

Toddler To Teen

Teen Mom fans who saw Jenelle’s son as a toddler loved that Barbs looked after him, as his mom seemed to struggle with drugs and addictions. However, Jenelle often saw him, despite fighting with her mom over parenting. Here’s a cute photo of him as a toddler with Jenelle.

Teen Mom Toddler With His Mom
Jenelle Evans Facebook

Of all the photos online, this photo of Jace might be the top favorite of Teen Mom fans:

Pre teen teen mom alum

Blink an eye, and suddenly, Jace started to shoot up. Taken a few years ago, he hadn’t topped his mom’s height

Growing Up Fast

What are your thoughts about Jenelle’s oldest son growing up so tall and handsome? Sound off in the comments below.

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