The Family Chantel Spoilers: Pedro Jimeno Releases Podcast

pedro jimeno podcast the family chantel

The Family Chantel spoilers reveal that Pedro Jimeno has now released a podcast amid the divorce drama. In the last episode of the show, he told Chantel Everett that he wanted to separate to try and work on finding himself and he didn’t feel like she was helping with that.

He basically told her that she makes everything worse and that he needs time to focus on himself. Of course, Chantel thinks that he has been unfaithful and this is why he is running away from their marriage.

The Family Chantel Love Story

Pedro and Chantel met when she was on vacation in the Dominican Republic. They hit it off quickly and then decided to start a relationship. They were secretly engaged then married and then Pedro moved to the states to be with her. Of course, her family has always been very skeptical of Pedro and what he wanted from their marriage.

Now that they are getting a divorce, many fans think that we are finally seeing his true colors. Did he just want a green card and now that he has found someone else, he wants to get divorced? This is one theory.

We have seen Pedro, on the show, going out with his friends and just not trying to save his marriage. He spends more time with friends than he does with his wife and that became a red flag for Chantel as well.

Pedro’s Big Reveal

With all of their drama going on, Pedro just thought it would be a great time to start a new project. He started a podcast. Fans find it interesting that while Chantel is busy trying to work on their marriage, he decides that he needs to find another project to consume him. He has told his fans that it will be released soon and many of them think that he is trying to gain popularity since Chantel has not spoken highly of him and his actions in their marriage.

It does look as if he may be trying to gain some interest amid all of this drama, but we will have to wait and see what this podcast is all about.

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