Welcome To Plathville Fans Gush Over Ripped Hot Daddy Barry Plath

Welcome To Plathville Fans Gush Over Ripped Hot Daddy Barry PlathWelcome To Plathville fans often apply the word “ripped” and “hot” to Micah Plath. Well, it might shock you to discover that this time, TLC fans used them to describe his dad, Barry Plath. Seriously? Over the years, TLC fans saw that Barry looks thin, tall, and could use some meat in his bones. So, why are fans gushing over the dad of nine kids? Read on to find out.

Welcome To Plathville Star Micah Shares Photos Of Home

When Micah left home, he started a modeling career, thanks to Ethan’s wife, Olivia. These days, he shares a lot of photos of himself doing his various photo sessions. Additionally, he also works out a lot. So, he transformed himself from a good looking kid into a hectically hot thirst generator. Living in LA means he’s quite far from home, so this week, he took off to catch up with his siblings and his dad in Georgia.

Welcome To Plathville fans saw that Kim and Barry Plath split and they apparently continue their divorce proceedings. The latest season revealed that Kim suddenly decided that home wasn’t where the heart is after all. So, she packed her bags and started sleeping at their other properties, Actually, some folks were seriously angry when she left first and then told Barry he must get out of their house. Will she regret leaving beansprout Barry?

Welcome To Plathville Fans See That Barry Plath Changed

On August 10, Micah took to his Instagram and shared a lot of photos. In the caption, he wrote, Every time I go back home I end up staying longer than planned, I guess I just miss everyone so much 🤍.” Notably, none of the photos showed his mom, Kim. But, he did post one of his dad, and fans were so shocked that some of them thought he might be a film crew member. 

Welcome To Plathville Fans Think Barry Looks Like A HOT Daddy Now
Micah Plath / Instagram

Welcome To Plathville star Micah seems to have inherited his ability to look so hot from his dad. Clearly, Barry’s been working out a lot. Folks who saw his muscles could hardly believe their eyes. One stunned TLC fan commented, “Your dad looks fantastic!!!” And, another fan said, “Dad gettin back in the game for the ladies!”

Ripped & Hot Daddy Comments

More Welcome To Plathville fans noticed Barry standing second from the left. One of them gushed, “damnnn daddy plath looking THICCC 😂.”

Others thought his muscles looked “impressive.” And one follower said it for those at the back, “If you told me a year ago there would be so many people thirsting over Barry Plath I would have laughed in your face lol.”

More comments rolled in like these:

  • “Pops is getting ripped!”
  • “Daddy Plath coming in hot 💪.”
  • “Whoa, look at Dad getting his groove back! He’ll have no trouble meeting a new lady friend, hopefully one who is nice & enjoys being physically active and taking care of her body/mind.”

Can you believe that fans actually get thirsty for Barry? What are your thoughts about him looking ripped and hot? Sound off in the comments below.

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