90 Day Fiance Alum Rose Vega Takes It Away With Style & Philosophy

90 Day Fiance Alum Rose Vega Takes It Away With Style & Philosophy90 Day Fiance editing did no favors to Rose Vega. Actually, TLC portrayed her, with a lot of help from Big Ed Brown, as dirty, low class, and swilling around in pig poop. Actually, they failed to reveal her fierce loyalty to her son, Prince, and her deep ambition to make life good for her family. Nowadays, she seems philosophical about it. And, she rocks her style with flair and professionalism.

90 Day Fiance – Rose Vega Ditched Big Ed – Good For Her

Big Ed seemed shocked when Rose ditched him. Recall, he gave her hygiene products as a gift. And, he bumbled his way around the family farm with a sneer on his face. As if, he was the catch of the year, born to much higher things, he dripped disdain and bad manners all over the screen. So, fabs cheered when she left him and became a model.

90 Day Fiance spoilers revealed that Big Ed outed Rose as bi-sexual, but she handled that with grace. And, she’s not afraid to talk about it at all. On top of that, her modeling career gets a lot of support in the Philippines. Across the world, her fans admire that she stands up for women, and she had so much more inner strength than TLC gave her credit for.

90 Day Fiance – The Ultimate In Style & Philosophy

This week, the official Rose Vega page on Instagram revealed her in a white outfit that looked amazing. Fans agreed that she looks like “a queen.”  The caption on the slide said, “I almost lost myself trying to hold onto people who don’t even care about losing me.” Additionally, it talked about misplaced “loyalty.”

90 Day Fiance Alum Rose Vega Takes It Away With Style and Philosophy
Rose Vega Official / Instagram

These days, the 90 Day Fiance alum doesn’t waste her time on those who think that she owes them “kindness.”  And, that resonated with many of her fans. One of them said, “This really hit home and I admire your strength! I really need to hear this. So happy for you rose! ❤️.” People can identify with the complications of other folks in their lives.

So Many People Relate

For many 90 Day Fiance fans, caring about those who don’t care back, seems to be something that often happens. Giving loyalty that isn’t returned also seems to happen quite often. So, many fans find themselves holding back to please others. The message from Rose seems to point to people evaluating whether someone deserves their time and kindness to their own personal detriment.

Clearly, it shouldn’t be a mystery as to why Big Ed’s ex is so popular, years after leaving the show. What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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