DWTS: Cheryl Burke Accidentally Slammed Tyra Banks?

DWTS: Cheryl Burke Accidentally Slammed Tyra Banks?Cheryl Burke returns to Dancing With The Stars on September 19. She had a tough year after splitting with Matthew Lawrence, but she’s focused on her career now.

Tyra Banks, who hosts the show, will also be back in the fall, despite the fact that some fans are unhappy with this choice. It seems that some of her other DWTS castmates do not like her very much, either.

Recently, Cheryl Burke had to undertake damage control after accidentally slamming the hostess. See what happened.

Cheryl Firmly Denied Her Recent Statement

Tom Bergeron hosted the show until Season 29, when he was replaced. He formed lasting bonds with several of the professional dancers and the rest of the cast and crew.

Following the announcement that Tyra Banks will be replacing him as host for Season 29, fans were understandably disappointed. In spite of this, though, he handled the change with dignity and grace.

Most of the dancers were able to adapt well to Tyra’s methods. Cheryl Burke, on the other hand, misses Tom Bergeron a lot.

After saying that she wanted Tom to come back to DWTS, she had to take back her words and explain what she meant. She was concerned that others might take what she said the wrong way.

Cheryl has also recently questioned whether or not any of the show’s original ABC version would “survive” on Disney+. Viewers again suspected she was referring to Tyra Banks, but Cheryl firmly denied it.

DWTS: Cheryl Burke Accidentally Slammed Tyra Banks?

“I was referring to each new dancer, producer, or hair and makeup artist that joins DWTS,” the expert said. They will likely face difficulties on their journey.

Tyra is apparently furious with her new co-host. How well she gets along with Alfonso Ribeiro onstage remains to be seen.

On September 19th, Disney+ will begin streaming the debut episode of Season 31 of Dancing With the Stars live. Remember to come back for news and updates.

Did Cheryl unintentionally slam Tyra here? Was it a mistake? Remember to share your own thoughts in the comments section.

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