Is It Time For Sister Wives Fans To Pig Out On Nachos To Annoy Kody?

“Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage” once got a review on Amazon that said, “Kody [Brown] comes across as a very loving father and family man, but a bit lost and overwhelmed.” Well, when revisiting how he dissed Christine for eating nachos, TLC fans agreed that he’s anything but lovable. So, is it time for a Nachos revolution?

Sister Wives – Kody Brown’s Show Gets Good Ratings

Season 17 gets plenty of good ratings, which probably annoys viewers who want to see Kody lose his show on TLC. Well, it’s hardly surprising as Christine kicked him to the curb and moved to Utah. These days, she lives her best life without him. But, fans agree that the show reveals Kody at his very worst with gaslighting and ego trips.

For years, Sister Wives fans accused Kody of being a narcissist, so they collectively gasped when he accused Janelle’s son Garrison of being one. Does he read what fans say about him on social media and then dream up ways to annoy them? While he doesn’t post often, there’s a good chance that he reads about himself on social media. So, should fans pig out on nachos and post thousands of videos to irritate him?

Sister Wives Kody Dissed Christine For Nachos In Their Book

After Kody claimed that their split is all Christine’s fault, and she justifies their breakup by trying to blame him, an excerpt of their book appeared on social media. Shared by Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball, the snippet revealed Kody describing Christine eating “chili cheese nachos.” At the time, he described her as “chubby” and claimed she lost attractiveness in his eyes.

Is It Time For Sister Wives Fans To Pig Out On Nachos To Annoy Kody
Via Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Fans reacted to the excerpt from “Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage.” As he claimed that the nachos “turned [his] stomach,” fans who think he was wrong to write it, expressed a sudden desire to eat some. One of them said, “Makes me want some nachos…f!^$ that guy.” Another critic noted, “I’ll take those nachos…anytime.”

Everyone Wants Nachos?

When a Sister Wives follower suggested that everyone should buy nachos, film them eating them and dump them on social media, it brought visions of Kody throwing up.  For those who can’t stand Kody Brown, that might be a comforting thought.

Besides, Kody’s behavior seems to turn the stomachs of a lot of critics. As one of them said, “And you talking, dancing like an idiot…turns my stomach. [What] in the world makes you so great[?] You had 4 women and you only have a good relationship with one… so apparently your (sic) not so hot yourself.”

What are your thoughts about Kody dissing Christine in a best-selling book about the way she ate nachos? Do you hope he has nacho nightmares? Sound off in the comments below.

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